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  • I also liked that game! :3
    I remember being like eight years old, I was always scared of SA-X. X(
    Well, it must have been me then. :p
    Anyhow, is that a sprite from Metroid Fusion? Samus X?
    ok! thank you!

    i wonder what new name they will get me..


    ew ew ew ewewewewe! >~< that's so gross.. EWWWW
    ohh! ok ok i get it!!

    it's cuz they both start with a D so i got confused.. who knew the last letter could change everything! woo!
    hey sorry for asking but when was it confirm that mickey was the weird voice?
    I never understood what the Big O was about. I know there were a lot of things you had to interpret.
    Lol you think the steelers are going to the superbowl. It's probably gonna be the colts and or saints. If not them then vikings and chargers
    Thanks for backing me up with the Younge Sora image and video! :D
    I was having trouble finding them.
    I never really change my avitar, I like the one I have.

    But it has to be a picture of Haxon.
    Thats awesome, are youmake a christmas avitar this year?
    Your gonna change it? I remember when I first joined I saw your posts alot and you had a DiZ avitar.
    guess thats why you are William the WISE
    Wow, on like every thread you are giving great answers! :D
    Hey man! lol most likely because I have been on hiatus. Finals coming up and all...
    I know! But hey, Steelers will be fine I am sure, just a bit rough. Its the playoffs that matter I always say. And I am excited/nervous for the next game, since Dixon from Oregon Ducks is our starting QB. Hope he does well.
    Yeah I know like the unveiling of Big-Os like True face, and then Big venus the weird one that looked like the big o but different colors and all that.m I was like ooooh whats gonna happen next then they stopped playing it on AS and I was like eh... wtf just happened?
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