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  • Thanks WTW! You know what was weird today Ziz who's usually ignored me today wanted to be my friend. Weird, huh? Well whoever gives me a Rep is always welcome to be my friend. He's still not officially my friend but I think he will soon. I thought I'd tell you that because he's one of your friends, lol!
    When you come back to my profile check out my albums, their sick!! I still have a little to work on with the Birth By Sleep one but the music albums is done
    I'm doing an essay on are next First Lady Michelle Obama. Hey I got a quick question: You know how you have that thing that says "Chicks dig giant robots!" above your Avatar? Well I wanna how I can change mine from Heartless to whatever I want it to say. Could you help me out please. Thanks man.
    Hey WTW. I saw you were online and I thought I would say hi since I haven't talked to you in a while
    Hey I forgot to ask you how do I De-Rep people (I know how to Rep them but I don't know how to De-Rep them, so can you help me out?).
    Hey WTW!! I just repped you a few hours ago so I hope you like. I know this is kinda rude but I need some rep, could you possibly help me out? If not it's cool. Would you get back to me with that? Thanks man!!
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