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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie

    I’m just gonna say it since nobody is noticing it. While there’s a chance Riku might be on a different plane of existence like in DDD, I highly doubt it. They’re most likely in the same place, just some miles apart. Yes, he is in Shinjuku, and there are hints of Nomura’s bitterness about...
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    [SPOILER] Something about Scala ad Caelum

    Went up close out of sheer curiousity despite getting my butt kicked. It’s the Daybreak Tower for sure. The structural style, the fallen floating clock gears, it’s all there but with calcified buildup of rocks and coral from being underwater too long. Scala ad Caelum is definitely a city...
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    What plot hole/plot device would you like to see solved in KHIII or future sagas?

    I'm sure there's probably a buried thread here somewhere, but it's so buried and old I made a new one. Remember to limit it to three's because three is the magic number. For me it would be: The truth about Naminé, her basis of existence, etc. Will the worlds ever be one again in the future...
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    Naminé 's sketch and the new enemy's sign

    I'm kinda bored with the guessing games...so here it is...I NEED A FAVOR! can someone show a pic of Naminé's sketch...the three enemy insignias are supposed to be there...all three...heartless, nobody and the new one. I distinctly remember Roxas drawing the third symbol into the table before it...