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    Wierdest moment while playing/ in kh

    What was your wierdest moment while playing or in kingdom hearts ? Mine was in kh2. It was in the underworld, after a fight with Sora and Auron. My frends were spending the night, and one tackled me rite after the battle, so what I heard coming from the tv was "HUH... OH...
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    Why are Ven's eyes lifeless? because he's DEAD!

    It may just be PSP graphics, but his eyes move while he's frozen, and, he's looking at the stars, reaching up to them(Lonbilly). His eyes were moving then. And in the secret ending, Birth by Sleep, Ven's eyes were moving when he was looking in Aqua's eyes. N'uf said. And If someone quotes me...
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    Vanitas' creepy Girly Laugh

    Van is prolly high, or possesed. Oh, I know which one you picked, duh. I think he's high to!
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    Pete Banishment

    Thx! LOL, ROFL, LMAO, (trying to beat 25 charater limit) Hilarious Sig, thylings. "Fuck this Shit!; I need a Fag!" I can Imagine Xigbar/Braig saying this!
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    Pete Banishment

    Ok, you know how in Kingdom Hearts II, Donald or Goofy (can't remember whih one) said that King Mickey Banished Pete to another demention? Why though? In the new BbS trailor, He says "Captain Justice sonyu!" Which means "I am Captain Justice!" If he's a superhero, why'd he get banished...
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    ME and MX/ Keyblade War theory

    I thought everyone knew this... All my friends and I think so anyway. We're importing!
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    Kingdom Hearts Funny Mistranslations

    Yesterday I was playing RE:Chain of Memories and used a random sleight, and It was Whatever 'Frame'. I was like "What the... It has nothing to do with Frames... Thier's Flames Everywhere, but no 'Frame'!?!" So just list funny possible Mistranslations you've seen in the American games.
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    so what changed

    *gasp*How. Can. You. Lose. Faith.In.KH?OMG...
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    bbs keyblades

    I already have a thread on this. I'm reporting for closer. (will someone tell me how?)
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    How did Ansem the Wise.....

    Dude, WaltDisney, don't double post...especially in your own thread. You just said the same exact thing twice. Edit your posts if you want to say somthing else, but why post the same thing? And he was disguised.
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    Relationship between Ventus and Vanitas

    No, Vanatis is much older than Ventus... He is around Terra and Aqua befor Ven shows up. Ven DOES have a lot of negative emotions though...
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    They better have a journal

    What the heck? Duh, there will be Master Xeanohrt reports! What are you thinking?
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    i'm bothered by this...

    If you call a game that explains the purpose of the keyblade, tells why Ven looks like Roxas, tells what created heartless, tells who all of the Org. XIII people are, explains the whole series, and has three different storys, then KHI and KHII don't matter, now do they?:wink:
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    Terra and the Lingering Sentiment

    He has the same aurmor though, and it has the same keyblade, yrt now terra's design is shorter. I think his keyblade grew with him (or it was just a concept design...). I personally believe it is Terra, since he talks about "You are the one that I chose..." when he is really refering to the...
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    The Forgotten Scene?

    Yeah, like Where Nothingness Gathers. It's the Room where they have meetings 'n crap. It got cut out of the english version. There is an Action Replay cheat to access the room.