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Recent content by White-Light

  1. White-Light

    Should there be partners in kh3d? or not?

    I would have to say no partners, except if they were a D-link for KH3D. I believe this would fit the game the best from what we know of it so far.
  2. White-Light

    New never before seen artwork(I think)

    Thank you for sharing this :) I like it. Its rather cute I would say... well one half of it is anyway.
  3. White-Light

    Who do you want playable in BBSv2?

    I would like to play as Mickey or Riku. Aqua is most likely a playable character, also I would like to play as Sora although that is highly unlikely it seems sadly for me, he just disappears. Just playing him in coded has shown me how much I miss playing the little keyblader and his battle...
  4. White-Light

    Which worlds do you NOT want in KH3D?

    It wasn't that bad, Finny Fun only lasted for a minute or so and there was always mute (One of the best friends you'll ever have) it also mixes up the gameplay a bit 3 dimensions :D, besides we haven't had Alantica in while so it wouldn't be so bad compared to .... Agrabah in almost every game...
  5. White-Light

    Which worlds do you NOT want in KH3D?

    Ah was it a case of shooting blindly into the distance hoping to hit something... or did it end with alot of swearing and things being thrown around the room because of the light
  6. White-Light

    Which worlds do you NOT want in KH3D?

    Gotta agree with you there and I don't like the santa there very much either It's also not very friendly to those with dark lit TV's is it
  7. White-Light

    what have you given up.

    Thanks but when I get better I have to go back to college, so there is no brightside for me I'd rather be ill and playing games than going back and listening to the teachers going on and on. At least at the minute my parents are basically my servants lol
  8. White-Light

    what have you given up.

    Nothing finished my exams the day before I got it and I've been ill so nothing really to do but lay in bed all day and play Re:Coded I guess valuable sleeping time to fully recover The only problem is that I've had some wierd ill induced dreams of the game keeping me up furthur. Being ill is...
  9. White-Light

    Which worlds do you NOT want in KH3D?

    I don't want Agrabah - I'm fed up with sand >_< Wonderland - Hated the movie when I was younger playing the world just increases my annoyance of it
  10. White-Light

    Pleased to meet you all

    Well I am new to this forum and decided to introduce myself I obviously love kingdom hearts and anything to do with it, I've been a fan of the series for sometime now. I imagine being here will be quite fun huh?:wink: I hope to become friends with as many people as possible:biggrin: