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  • Hm, good question. xD OMG I JUST GOT A MENTAL IMAGE OF SORA AS A PUG. XDD *dies laughing*

    You're right, I guess I'm just picky with my characters. xD Yeah, she has a lot of dedication to Sora, it's sweet. And she also actually cares about Riku, unlike Kairi. >C You know, I think I would start to like Kairi if she grew up a bit and started treating Riku more nicely but for now I still hate her. xD

    SoNami is pretty adorable. :3 What other pairings do you like?

    Yeah, that's the reason why people hate Xion so much - they tend to hate how she fit into it all, rather than her herself - well, mostly... some hate her for being herself. xD I guess I don't really like how she was placed into the series either. :c I still love her though~ ;w; Her death was one of the few moments of KH that made me tear up; that and Blank Points. <3
    Well, we've seen him as a lion cub. That was pretty cute. >w<

    I never used to like Namine much but I've grown to like her a bit more lately. xD It's not that I don't like her character, she's cute, it's just... I don't like the damsel in distress thing about her. :c Although I really do like SoraNamine... I started rewatching some Re:COM scenes and I just smiled at all of the cute things Sora says to her. <33

    I think my favourite female character would probably be Xion. She's a sweetie and it's so sad that no one remembers her~ ;w; Plus her and Riku are so cute together. <3
    Since Mid-October xD Hence why I said 'semi-new'.

    SORA. <3 Yesyesyes, he is mine as well. He is just so full of cuteness~
    For characters like him? You mean cute, dorky characters? Yes, they are very lovable, aren't they? <3

    Favourite female character? xD
    Haha, the feeling will go away. :3 I'm kind of semi-new myself.

    So who is your favourite KH character? xD
    So I've seen you in both the Sora FC AND the Kairi HC... I APPROVE!
    Hey there. :3 I see that you're fairly new, welcome!
    We're sad to see you go, but some things can't be helped.
    You have until Monday to clear out your desk C:

    Why not something else though? Or without the '-'?
    You can use it for whatever you like. But if you're gonna be an even semi-frequent replier to my journals, well why the hell not?
    Haha, it's always good to have a Plan B! And, suuure, I'll pay the bail for whatever the police asks for XDD

    Gahh, I'll keep hoping, too. I shall not loose hope until the very end! Because... well, Namine probably can come back, it's a matter of what the creators decide to do. XD
    Aren't we already kind of English-Speaking lunatics to an extent? XD Well, maybe not lunatics, just rather big fans is a better choice of words, lol. Buuuut, the calling of the police would most definitely get us in trouble, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens XD

    Hmm... well, when you put it that way, yeah, Namine does have more of an ability than Roxas to come back, so there's still a possibility for Namine to return!
    They do look awesome together, don't they? One of the many reasons as to why I absolutely adore them together :] Haha! Ohh, if only we could pull that off... kidnapping Nomura. That would be a pretty epic way to get KH the way we want it, but since that's prooobably not possible, especially without money, like you said, fanfiction and imagination will just have to do for now. I won't loose hope in the canonicity of SoNami until the very end of the Kingdom Hearts series, though. XD

    My parents learned to get used to it, especially when I replayed KHII over the summer while they were home, since I had a habit of screaming at the TV whenever I would die :'D
    They are the greatest :D

    Haha! I actually shouted something similar to that at the game, too, it was an amusing moment in my life, though I think I kind of scared my parents accidentally, lol;;; But, it's good that you got through it, regardless! I thought that I never would. XD

    Yesss! We do need to do that! ... Oh if only we actually could xD But, canonically, Sora did admit he had feelings for Namine and Namine for Sora, so they are baaaasically the most canon het pairing... in my mind. XD And even if they don't really become canon (which would be extremely sad), there's always fanfiction and imagination! And I think what you're trying to say is that they just seem natural together, in a way, because they just match each other in a way that makes you go "Aww" and like them at least a little bit. :]
    Oh hi! Yay new people! XD

    That... that was difficult for me, I'm not going to lie XD It took me around nine tries and a friend to encourage me not to get angry to get it right, quite an adventure that was!

    P.S. Yes, SoNami most certainly is the best KH Het pairing C:
    Ah, cool cool.
    A friend of mine owns most of them...I guess it's time I start borrowing them and giving them a try xD
    Burned into my soul ._. uuuugh

    You should probably play the first one first so that your decisions and stuff carry over into the sequel...hn.
    I've never played AC! Just never really got around to trying it.
    OH GOD THE MOTHER .____.
    *covers eyes*

    Anyways Mass Effect is awesome, but the second one is waaaay better than the first imo.
    They're both amazing tho...Like seriously other than KH, ME is my favorite game series at this point.
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