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  • Waitng for it. But i'm not really active in fanclubs except Ven's maybe :p
    Since he is my cutie favourite character xD
    Maybe. It most certainly did for me. xD
    The first thing you need to realize is that Dick isn't trying to be Bruce. He's making the role his own. ^_^ I recommend checking out Batman And Robin, Vol 1 "Batman: Reborn" the next time you go to a bookstore so you can get a much better look at Dick as Batman and Damian Wayne as the new Robin. :)
    He's my favorite as well. :) And actually, it's Dick Grayson as Batman, not Bruce Wayne! xD
    And there's finally a response from silly old me xD;

    Awww D: I hate getting sick, I'm sorry that you did! But go two weeks off of school! XD Lololol, I imagine in a few years I'll probably forget everything I leaned these past three years about the Spanish language, and it'll be preeetty sad, heh...
    Since I haven't repled in a whiiile, how was the rest of your week since the last comment I left? xD
    I tooootally agree with you. Buses are just evil, and it's like you're just asking to get sick sitting in one... ew... too bad I'm forced to ride the bus to get to school.

    I agree with you, I wish Tron were in it more, but oh well... his shinning moment made me cry, honestly xD I was sad about what happened to him.
    They're making a third Tron movie?! Awesome, man. xD Uhm... I'm excited for the next Harry Potter movie, obviously... and... hm... I'm not quite sure, tbh.

    No, they didn't D: I was surprised at them
    It looks amazinggg so far :'D I'll watch it when I get the time to, lol!
    Merlin seems pretty good, too C:

    Ohh, I've never heard of that book... I'll look it up ^^
    My eye color is brown, too xD
    My favorite Pokemon? Hmm... Umbreon! Your's?
    What's... your favorite... word? XD
    Aww, that suuucks D: I'm sorry! And you were sick? :C With what? At my high school I can barely access anything on the computer when I sign on, it's realllyyy annoying to deal with, I pretty much hate it. xD My day? It was... ehhh, it was okay. I limped through the school, got weird stares from people... lol. Probably failed my Chemistry test, probably didn't do well in Spanish (again), but despite those things I actually had a pretty good day. C: Buses are evil, btw, I hate riding them. XD

    Ohhh, I saw Tron: Legacy with my friends a few weeks ago, it was realllyyy good. I agree, the action scenes were pretty awesome. :] And, movies I've seen lately... uhm... Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1, Tron: Legacy, and Tangled ^^ I've been seeing a lot of movies lately, lol, my friends keep dragging me along (not that I mind, it's a good break from school)

    I adored the movie, I'm not sure why. I cried, like... five times throughout the entire thing XD Ohh, the Dobby scene made me sob, my friends wouldn't stop making fun of me xD; I'm pretty sure part two is coming out in the U.S. in... July. Not that July can arrive fast enough. XD
    Haha, I've watched some Doctor Who, it's a really good series, I like what I've seen of it ^_^ I need to remember to watch some again...
    Hehh, sorry :D
    My favorite fruit is... well, it's a tie between apples, oranges, and pomagranates.
    Favorite book? That's a hard one... probbably... Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen C: You?
    Hmm... what question next...
    This may sound kind of creeperish, but: What color are your eyes?
    Late reply, sorry n_n; I blame school.

    Blah, Kairi's obsession with Sora makes me sick. >C If she doesn't grow up any time soon I will give up all hope for her. I still have a tiny bit of hope, which amazes me.

    CGI HUG OMG. Stupid Kairi and Sora got their hug, I DEMAND a hug between Sora and Riku~ that would restore all of my faith/love in Kingdom Hearts forever and ever. <3 They are too sweet, the bestest friends ever.

    Yeah, family is almost non-existence in KH. I've always wondered how their parents reacted to everything - especially when they forgot about Sora for that year... I mean, his bedroom would have still been in their house. "Hey honey, why is their a boy's room in our house? We don't have a son..." That would be creepy as heck. xDD

    He was a little bit selfish... completely disregarded Axel after Xion came around. He acted kind of like Kairi in that regard - just replace Xion with Sora and yeah. xD But he's still better than her for sure.

    I didn't like the first two Toy Story films but the third one was amazing. I want a Sunnyside Daycare in KH. <3 MAKE IT HAPPEN, NOMURA.

    Mhm, I find all of the music in KH to be amazing - I love Yoko Shimomura. <3 She does such a great job, seriously. Especially Beast's Castle.

    Least favourite world is probably Agrabah. Hate that world with a passion in every game. xD What about you?

    Also, I saw your Sora video in the FC and it's great. :D You're an Owl City fan? ME TOO. <3
    Late response it late, sorry!

    Aww, I hate it when my friends make fun of me...

    Nope! We almost never get to watch movies in my school... Dx

    Sushi is... hmm... I'm not entirely sure how to describe it. You have to try it someday, though, unless you don't like fish... in that case, don't bother ^^;;;
    White tigerrrsss <3
    My favorite movie... s... xD is the Harry Potter series, namely the seventh one (first part since the second part isn't out yet). I'm just a dork. XD
    My favorite TV series... I don't really have one, tbh. What about you?
    Favorite... fruit?
    Haha, nerds are cool, anyways, amirite? :D

    Ouch D: I think I'm going to read Much Ado About Nothing next year, actually, because my school is weird and splits things up over years... XD

    I love green, too C:
    As far as favorite food, I have to go with sushi, because I'm a dork XD
    My favorite animal isss... a tiger C:
    What's... youir favorite movie?
    Ehhh, the US isn't that great tbh. I'd rather live in Canada or England or somewhere else, really, but I'm okay with it where I am, mostly because of my friends. XD

    I do actually want to go to the Globe Theatre one day, it sounds pretty exciting :D ... I don't know if it makes me a nerd, saying that... oh well |D Plus, Big Ben is on my list of "Things I Must See At Least Once in my Life", so I'll see it... one day. XD Shakespeare is realllyyyy hard to understand... I remember last year at my school we did an entire unit on Romeo and Juliet, my entire class was confused. XD
    Notredam? XD Something like that? Not sure... but I love those Disney movies, too! And Stiiiitch <333 I love the little guy :D
    My favorite song as of right now is...
    (Lol free SoNami vid)
    I like a lot of different types of music, though, anything from Rock to Classical, removing rap from that list, anyways... XD
    My favorite colour is blue C: Your's?
    Hmm.... what's your favorite food?
    xD Well, I'm not entirely sure about that, since I can pretty easily depict words if I read the entire sentence and stare at it long enough, but no matter~

    It is a really pretty song, isn't it? I think it fits Namine's POV very well, but also Sora's POV at some points in the song. It just kind of matches them in general, imo. XD

    London? That's cool! :D I have some friends who live in England... I want to visit Europe one day, especially London. The architecture (what I've seen anyways) is really pretty C:
    Indeed it is!
    My favorite Disney movie is Mulan, character... well, Mulan. XD What about you?
    I may as well ask a question, too :] What's your favorite song? Or, songs, if you can't narrow it down to one like me. XD
    Alright, I'll remember to do that ^_^

    Well, as far as our conversations go, I don't think your spelling is that bad, it's quite good, actually. Plus, spellcheck is a writer's best friend :D
    Heh... my self-confidence is basically rock bottom at the moment, it's pretty bad XD Yes, we should try to build up our self-confidence together! Having a buddy always helps, after all. C:
    Hmm... a song for a SoNami video... oh, I know! "Boats and Birds" by Gregory and the Hawk! It probably doesn't sound that great but--- wait, why don't I just send you a video? Whoops~ OTL

    I live in Texas, in the US of A, and you?
    I quite like it on here, it's a lot of fun ^_^ What about you?

    Yes, that does show me to stop being as spastic as I normally am ^^; Doesn't really help that the presence of my friends is like a triple dose of sugar or something xD But you do have a point, I probably will get around to writing at least a oneshot or something... probably something SoNami, since they are my obsession as of now, lol

    Haha, if you say so, though I bet you anything that I have read worse since... I read some pretty back fanfiction from time to time just to amuse myself
    You're welcome ^^ And, aww, that sounds somewhat similar to me since I've never had much self-confidence. I'm positive, however, that you'll gain enough and get even better at video making C: And, yeah, inspiration is rather hard to come by... for me, anyways. Music is normally what inspires me the most, personally
    Haha, let's just say that I was messing around with my friends and due to my clumsy nature I fell xD I am resting, though, as ordered from the doctor, so it's okay C: And maybe someday you can read some of my fanfiction, depends on if I ever get around to writing again, since I never really find the time to sit down and write a whole story anymore...

    Aww, I'm sure you're not that bad of a writer!
    And that video was amazinngggg, I really liked it! You did a great job C: But, everyone needs practice, even if they're the best at what they do. You can only get better from your already great talent~!
    Heya ^^ Haha, I'm a bit bored myself, sprained my ankle so I can't so much...

    Yeah, I write fanfiction, do you?
    OMG LOL. http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT5BiOHdVoHhcZhXTIxmJf_uH7rJaZL2o-dseaXvI_uITc7Xc8&t=1 <3 Someone drew my vision! I could see Sora as a Chocolate Lab. xD! Wouldn't that be adorable? LOL A POODLE, hahaha.

    Haha, such pessimism. It's true, she'll probably never change... oh well, haters gotta hate! Well even when I didn't like Namine very much I still liked her A LOT more than Kairi. xDD

    RIKUSORA! I love it because it's so blatantly obvious. Sora is the only one to make Riku smile/laugh, it's so sweet. And omg, playing BBS and seeing them as kids = <333 I love how cute they were. And I love how they're always each other's top priority. :3

    Haha, or his son Max! I always wondered why we got to see Daisy and no Max. :c That upsets me.

    I also like RoxasKairi (I dunno, they just fit well together - both kind of selfish xD), RikuXion, AquaVanitas, aaaaaaand countless Disney-Original Character pairings, like SoraAlice. Haha~ All I can think of at the moment.

    Okay, I hated the stick part. xDD TOY STORY 3, UGHHH. I cried like a baby at the end when Andy didn't want to give away Woody. ;w; I love that movie.

    Favourite world? Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, I think possibly either Castle of Dreams, Enchanted Dominion or the Snow White one (forget the name) - essentially, all the Princess worlds. xD I loved the music and atmosphere of them. What's your favourite? :3
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