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    Your Favorite ► Favorite Rollercoaster?

    My personal favorite is Kingda Ka at Six Flags, NJ. I love the feeling when it gets over the top and starts going down. I was extremely angry this year since it was closed the day I went to Six Flags.
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    A Challenge (to anyone)

    I've been reading all of the battles for a while, and decided that I wanted to take a shot at it. Rules: The same as posted in the rules thread, no godmodding, powerplaying, etc. And try to stay active as well. Location: Pretty simple, just an open field at around midday. My Character...
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    Most Unique/Interesting Boss Battle

    What boss battle in any game stood out as unique, interesting, or challenging in a refreshing way to you? Personally, I thought the battle with Psycho Mantis in Metal Gear Solid was a simple, but frustrating twist. I only found out to use a controller in the second port after picking up the...
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    South Park or Family Guy?

    This has become a heated debate between my friends and I. I personally like South Park better. I have Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, and Stan as stuffies in my room.