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Recent content by Welshcake

  1. W

    Any Luxord Fans?

    British Accents FTW
  2. W

    Any Luxord Fans?

    Don't get me wrong, Luxord is also one of my favs. But unfortunately some people don't see his awesomeness. :\ ah well. I think the least popular is Lexaeus, he's always the one i least remember >.>
  3. W

    Any Luxord Fans?

    Being a britfag myself, I always thought that Luxord's accent was a little too exaggerated. But meh, whatever floats your boat.
  4. W

    Nobody Sighted?!

    Lol yeah, there was most likely a lack of characters to move around Traverse Town so they copied that guy. The fact that that Sora noticed this was just a little bit of fun in the game.
  5. W

    Sora's Singing Talent

    Yeah, i agree. In some songs his voice is ok, but then when Donald and Goofy come in, urgh, its a nightmare.
  6. W

    The letter

    Lol, or maybe the bill for all the damage they did :3
  7. W

    Heartless and nobody

    you honestly make the strangest threads... tip: EXPLAIN what your talking about.
  8. W

    Is there a difference?

    Hey! Let's keep saying the same exact thing as the person before us already said!!
  9. W

    leveling up quicker

    YouTube - KH CoM - Leveling Up here is an example of the many leveling up vids on youtube. Ther must be hundreds. Have a look.
  10. W

    kairi's grandmother...bbs?

    Ok, yes, i imagine kairi's grandmother will appear in BBS, the whole Kairi/hollow bastion thing happened 10 years ago, there is a strong chance she will appear. Now, about her being her daughter, no, i doubt it. As PMF said, family isn't a big thing in KH. The word that seems to be cropping up...
  11. W

    Malificent and Pete ?????

    I don't think Disney would have killed those two. Pete is a well known Character and Maleificent is the main Disney baddie. So I think they defated them, possibly taken over th castle or just barely survived and will come back in many years! lol But I wish Pete died,he would have been ok if his...
  12. W

    Are Sora and Kairi offically a couple?

    I think someone should to make a poll on this question, see what everyone thinks, then decide.
  13. W

    My two cents on the secret movie

    There's one thing I don't get. If the theory after Tyler9's (So sorry, I forgot your name!) is correct, with all the keyblades separated into four sections (light dark etc) then why do Sora, Riku and the King's stay in the middle? I'd like to have a theory on that but I have no evidence to back...
  14. W

    how long did it take you to beat Riku and Sora's game

    Listen pal, there is is simple solution to your problem. DON'T REPLY. wizy123 clearly put in the title 'how long did it take you to beat Riku and Sora's game'. You KNEW it was this certain type of thread, so why did you bother to give this guy, who is only new a hard time. . You said yourself...
  15. W

    a small help question.

    I know that many people might flame me for this because there are instructions on another section, but here goes. O.K, I'm searching for 2 more Orchaleims+ and I have already looked at the online guide for them. However, I still can't find them! One is supposedly in Radiant Garden where you...