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  • With all honesty, I did not read the entirety of Prodigy Keyblade's post, but judging by what I did read, I knew that the rest of the post would be more insulting.
    Not even I knew what to expect, so that was my mistake. I probably should never have started it in the first place, but what I did not expect was a barrage of insults that were given in unusual, condescending and insulting ways. You did not make it much better.

    If other members cannot be as serious as me, then I probably expect too much of this forum.

    I got upset about it because of what Prodigy Keyblade said. It was entirely uncalled for.

    There is nothing wrong with the way I am acting. I am trying to be as civilized, polite and dignified as I can, and I do not see why that makes me an easy target.
    I do not expect the staff to do everything that I ask them to. I always try to be as polite as possible when I ask such requests. People like you, though, are what provoke my upset.

    The corvid thread was originally in the discussion section, but I said that if anyone had the authority, then they should probably move it to the Insanity section. This is what Chaser (probably) did, attracting the negative and insulting attention of people like Silh and yourself.

    You should include yourself in that number of posts that have targeted me in being insulting. And I resent being treated like a moron.
    he said he said

    he said that tony was going to kill himself because people from sena got laid off and he asked if he could be admin and i was like "haha you think you can fill tony's shoes that's cute fag" and he was like "no but you can and then i can fill your shoes in fact anyone can fill your shoes except maybe paolo he probably can't" and i said "shut the fuck up nerd before i kill you with my samurai sword that i keep in my closet i got it when i was 8 and a half" and he said "no" and yeah that was it but i showed him
    victor made fun of you yesterday and i stood up for you, man.

    because we're best fucking friends, paolo.
    it's hard to even find people to chat with in a comic book store. :c i tried to talk with the cashier when i was there a while ago and though he was very informed, he was so awkward. he wouldn't look me in the eyes while speaking and just didn't seem to know how to speak to a person??? idk. i made some good friends from the job i was laid off from though, and they're interested in a lot of the same things so that's been really great.

    yeah, i don't think i personally realized how much i wanted to socialize about my interests until i actually joined this forum. i never had tried forums before and this is still the only one i post on but it's made me pretty happy.

    why not paolo i'm sure they can teach you a lot of things

    i did show a lot of people the pair that lit up...
    i'm sorry us native english speakers have ruined your life paolo!!!! i can't really imagine what it's like to have a cultural divide. canada is almost as much of a "melting pot" as the u.s. is so there's nothing that really defines us i suppose

    yeah it can be hard to find other nerds that you can get along with :c i generally find it very difficult to form friendships with other people who enjoy anime/video games (when i find them). that might be why i love khi so much, though! getting to discuss interests with other people like this is always really nice and most of the users here are sensible.
    go get those old ladies, tiger~~

    dumb kiosk in the mall that sells sunglasses.
    aw paolo, that sounds really nice! do you find it hard to meet people you can speak to intellectually where you live?

    it was butt in the bad way and not the good way like khinsider.butts
    we're just so great...

    um i got a job and then quit said job!!!! also does having a busy social life count???? what about you sir?!
    what notable things have i done recently????????

    i changed my avatar....... does that count
    11:58 AM - tayroar: ew
    11:58 AM - bferret: ahahahahahhahaha
    11:58 AM - bferret: the female rhino got fed up
    11:58 AM - bferret: so she just pretends to be asleep
    11:58 AM - bferret: so the male goes away with his broken wiener
    11:59 AM - tayroar: haha what a paolo-esque situation
    dear shiva

    why in the goddamned fuck do i have to visit blighttown if i want to buy shit from you

    regards, an undead adventurer
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