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Recent content by Weeaboo

  1. Weeaboo

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends With You Solo Remix Discontinued Actually, according to Square Enix, it was the fault of many iOS updates that broke the game. One Of Square Enix's Biggest iOS Games Has Been Broken For Months
  2. Weeaboo

    so last month was my anniversary

    i've been a member of this hellhole for like, 6 years now, wth it's okay, this place is still aight nobody cares tho, so peace
  3. Weeaboo

    Castle Oblivion theory and Terra

    Re: castle oblivion theory and terra your first question makes little sense, but i gather you were asking whether or not Xemnas had sent his members to look for Ven's room in Castle Oblivion. the answer is yes. but you see, the castle doesn't allow you to get to it unless you know exactly...
  4. Weeaboo

    Sora's Personality in DDD

    sora has, and always will be, the immature character who sometimes says or does things that are not quite smart but don't forget, he's always been this way he may have been serious in kh1 and kh2, but he was still funny sometimes in kh1, yes, he was quite serious seeing as both his friends were...
  5. Weeaboo

    Why I'm against Time Travel and how Normura should have brought back some of the 13 SODs

    the time travel makes no sense to me, i mean, if maybe i was given a good explanation to it then yeah i'd understand, but all i know is that xehanort is able to go around because a version of him is at the exact moment where he's seen or something? also, holy shit that wall of text
  6. Weeaboo

    Help/Support ► Verizon Issues

    I dunno, Victor has a point Max. What are we supposed to do?
  7. Weeaboo

    Do you think coded will be a cinematic film like Days?

    Re: Do You Think Coded Will be a Cinematic Film Like Days? I wish it was just cutscenes too. I mean, yeah sure playing would be better, but the game was really arduous.
  8. Weeaboo

    IGN preview of Kingdom Hearts 1.5

    I don't see why he didn't just finish a world or go back to a world he had already finished and show off things there, instead of going between three areas. It became boring pretty fast. Though I agree with him, it didn't seem like they tried to update the backgrounds at all and just the...
  9. Weeaboo

    What else do you think they could've done to improve KH for the collection?

    Hollow Bastion indeed was hard to navigate the first time. Especially because I was a child and I'm certain other children had the same problem. Now it's easier since I've played the game so much.
  10. Weeaboo

    What else do you think they could've done to improve KH for the collection?

    Hot damn, that's what I was hoping for.
  11. Weeaboo

    Future of Square Enix

    Seeing as I'm going to be doing a panel at a convention for sure, I need to know some info on things Square Enix. These will include: Video Games Manga Anime Miscellaneous So if you can, please give me some ideas for things coming up in the second half of 2013 (June onwards) Oh and anything...
  12. Weeaboo

    Quick KH 1.5 Remix question...

    I would assume so. Within the games themselves, with each new installment we are given something new to digest about their universe. So it seems fitting that they alter a few things to fit better in the story. Don't forget, Kingdom Hearts is quite old now and many of the events were portrayed...
  13. Weeaboo

    Doing a Square Enix panel at a con

    Hello forum people. In a few months, I'll be doing a Square Enix panel at a convention. However, I was wondering what would be some things that I could talk about? It can be from any of the Square Enix branches; NA, JP, EU, etc etc. Thanks.
  14. Weeaboo

    A logical way to stop Org. 13's plans in Kh2

    You're also implying that sora has any sense of logic.
  15. Weeaboo

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You I saw that already, gosh this game. But I guess it makes sense why they rereleased it. It being on the DS before made it limited to the audience, therefore sales probably weren't perfect. But releasing on iOS seems to be doing quite well.