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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • Also, KH-Vs is not the "little sister" of KHI, it's the horrific demon spawn birthed from the sulfuric gurgling hellmouth of the underworld...of KHI
    You're really dumb for not knowing that. It was specifically pointed out when SPdude bought KH-Vids that he was the owner of KHI

    And even before then, KH-V was tied to KHI. KH-Vids was started by 3 KHI veteran members who were really well known and liked. Deathspank, MyInnerFred, and Xaldin. They started KH-Vids as an offshoot site of KHI to host KH vids and host MyInnerFred's Dramatic Hearts webseries, and eventually a good number of KHI members migrated over there to help the site out and some of our Staff even volunteered as staff there for awhile until the site was in order, and eventually the 3 of them left KHI entirely and KH-Vids became independant of KHI

    Eventually KHI's own original creator, DevenKH2, sold KHI to SPdude, whose essentially a website entrepreneur who buys websites early until they grow really popular and then makes his money back in ad sales. Eventually, SPdude bought KH-Vids and now our two sites are once again affiliates, as they're both owned by him.

    KHI doesn't hate KH-Vids, KHI hates stupid people, you guys are just trying really hard to make the two synonymous.

    Jesus christ I hate you more than geese
    Yeah, First he bought this site a few years ago then he bought out you guys last year i think.
    Check out the Admin list, you see im telling the truth.
    Sup Gaiafag,
    How you like it here and for the record, The person that Owns KHV also Owns KHI. :0
    Something just tells me that too.
    And the possible fact that the owner started the flame war.
    Which would explain why KHI hates KHV.
    Forum games should be like KHV for a good lol.
    This place is so serious, it's almost hilarious.
    This place was born from a flame war, I know it ._.
    From the single topic I've seen where Sam banned someone from the chatroom only proves that this place is built on Flame wars.
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