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Recent content by Waves_Blade

  1. Waves_Blade

    Aqua: Heart of Darkness

    I decided to copy over a story I wrote to this site to get more feedback and exposure. The concept of the story was a request I got to make a Dark!Aqua story. I contemplated the idea for a time, the Aqua we know in KH is a light-aligned, good-hearted, dutiful, and disciplined keybearer. An...
  2. Waves_Blade

    So, if the princesses of heart are apparently immortal, then how do you explain Kairi? (KHx-Chi)

    Looking at the trailer for KH-X(chi), the princesses of heart are all there, all looking the same (baring artistic style). The Keyblade War took place how many of thousands of years ago? So that begs the question, how in the world do you explain Kairi? She’s a child in BBS, and she actually...
  3. Waves_Blade

    Master Xehanort's motivation

    TBH, I'd prefer his motivation to be pure curiosity, just willing to see the entire universe burn just to see what happens. None of the overused become a god and make everything the way I see it stuff. Willing to ruin everyone's lives just for the sake of curiosity, MX keeping it classy.
  4. Waves_Blade

    Return of the Command Board

    I'd love if monopoly returned to Kingdom Hearts in KH3, you could play it with all your favorite characters! I'd love a SKR board for one.
  5. Waves_Blade

    Keyblade Influx Ahead!

    I think something ppl are forgetting is what Vanitas said in BBS. 'and soon, keyblade bearing warriors will flock here from all worlds!' or something like that. If a Keyblade War was ignited in such a way, I took it as if either: A) Keyblade weilders would literally be plucked from their...
  6. Waves_Blade

    An In-Game Quote...

    "Consume the darkness, return it to light." ...made me lose any hope of Riku being a 'good' dark based Keyblade user. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I take it to mean that Riku wants rather than control it, he wants to shed his darkness and become a full-on light based user.
  7. Waves_Blade

    How exactly will he save them?

    To be honest though, I kinda imagine Sora just putting his hand on Ven's shoulder and Ven's heart just skipping along down it going "dodododo back to mah body".
  8. Waves_Blade

    Official KH3D Boss Help Thread

    Ansem was a fun fight in all, but...
  9. Waves_Blade

    List of interviews dealing with KH3D

    Hmm... Does Sora's connection "ability" extend to enemies as well? Or on another side, if there is a Terra/Sora connection currently could she potentially help with him? (Since if I recall, Terra is in the crowd that appears when Sora and Xigbar are talking)
  10. Waves_Blade

    An amusing thought...

    So, in BBS Ventus and Vanitas had to merge and cross hearts in order to form an incomplete X-Blade... So... does that mean that all 20 hearts would have to exist and cross inside one body? Making assumptions, but would that end up with something like...
  11. Waves_Blade

    Sora does not recall any C/O memories, correct?

    Are these statement Correct or incorrect? Would he recall things about his time there? Or recall that he had even been there? My CoM memories are a bit fuzzy and I duno if he regained any memories in KH2:FM.
  12. Waves_Blade

    Official KH3D Boss Help Thread

    Anti-Black Coat: Died once or twice before I learned to block the HP drain thing. Ansem Round 1: Died many times before I gave up on my melee moves and went full on range magic. Ansem Round 2: Died a few times, DROPPED TO SORA WHEN HE HAD LESS THAN HALF OF ONE BAR LEFT, eventually beat it some...
  13. Waves_Blade

    About Terra and Master Xehanort

    I nominate Terra for new X-Blade wielder!
  14. Waves_Blade

    How come Terra wasn't strong enough to defeat the old fart??

    MX planned for the ????? part.
  15. Waves_Blade

    How come Terra wasn't strong enough to defeat the old fart??

    Lingering Will, DID IN FACT, beat the living kupo out of Terranort. Just saying. ___________ Might be just the Terra fan in me, but, I do think that Xehanort wasn't faking *that much* before he took control of Terra. *Terra beats Xehanort* *Xehanort has the wind knocked out of him...