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    Help/Support ► How do you deal with failure?

    When I fail at something I feel down about myself and wonder why I couldn't accomplish what I wanted or had to do? I judge myself and how others judge me which is a huge mistakse. Then after that, I become stubborn and keep trying until I actually beat what ever had me beaten.
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    Organization XIII's hearts

    Yeah that's what happens when I get to analytical. I just wanted to know everyone else's thoughts about this topic. There are some really thought out ideas, but alas we can only speculate from what we know from the games, the manga and mostly the novels. The manga is not canon so I don't think...
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    Organization XIII's hearts

    So they act upon their memories and those that they share they attempt to express? Some of the members think that they do have emotions or hearts which is what Demyx expressed, but then again he could be saying that to decieve Sora which brings back to the question if nobodies do have physical...
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    Organization XIII's hearts

    That makes a lot of sense. My thought is that they actually do have the organ to, but they are devoid of any feelings and can only remember their memories. I mean they do have bodies yet are they spirts too which is why they can pass through others or can only certain members do that like...
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    Organization XIII's hearts

    Oh I know that, but I;m wondering if they actually have those kind of organs like their previous selfs had? In the manga I've seen them eating and drinking so I would assume that they do have these organs right?
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    Organization XIII's hearts

    So I have a question for you guys? Do the members of Organization XIII actally have hearts meaning the actual organ that pumps blood and circulates through out the body or do they not have one what so ever meaning no organ and no pulsating? I know they don't have hearts when it comes to...
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    KH Novel Translations - Official Thread

    Re: Axel--Seven Days Game Novel translation I don't think Saix would never betray Xemnas since he and the superior do think a lot alike. They both commuicate with one another without the others in Where Nothing Gathers since they both share similar traits.
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days | Xion So Far

    Actually for Gamestop it has been approved for the August release. I went ahead and reserved it and placed money down.
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    You shouldn't judge anyone by appearance

    Like the title says, I'm watermage9 known as different names on different forums and I joined this community hoping to make plenty of new friends, participate in several discussions, join clubs as well as learn the ropes and help others out. As my signature and avatar shows I'm a huge Demyx...