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  • It's no problem at all! Feel free to ask anyone, including me, about any questions you have since it really helps benefit the both of us! Also, it is always good to meet a Nintendo fan on any forum, so I give you my sole blessings! (By the way, welcome to the forums! You may try to leave once in a while, but you'll always end up crawling back here again for more news be it days, weeks, month, or even years!)
    You're welcome.
    A like writing fanfiction, too! I hope to become very good at it so I can someday write my own original stories.

    A Kingdom Hearts/Pokemon fic sounds interesting. If you get a beta, I think they'll be able to check for problems in your english, if you have any.
    With this game series it's hardly ever fair. But it usually pays off when the games are released.
    I was leaning towards it being set in the past. That makes sense to me. But until we get more scans and translations about the world it will still be a mystery.
    Hello there! It's very nice to meet you! Especially since we seem to share a lot of interests! Hehe.

    Are you enjoying KHI so far?

    Oh, and thank you. :3
    I never actually played The World Ends With You (or any Final Fantasy game). But everything else is getting me excited for when this game finally comes out.
    Tron Legacy would be a good world I think, but we don't know a lot about it yet. I guess they have only seen a shooting mini-game from that world so who knows how it will play out.
    I know what you mean. Vanitas doesn't have a very good reason for somehow coming back, but I guess he would be needed if Ven wants to have a complete heart again. I don't mind as long as he is still a little crazy and fun to fight. His crazy laugh was the best XD
    This site has been flooded with news so yes I read it. It's been hard to keep up with it all since there's so much. As for Vanitas, it doesn't seem like anyone actually dies in a KH game and Vanitas was a popular character so it seems natural for him to come back. People have been trying to figure out how he would return for a long time. He seems to be in a similar situation to Roxas, Xion, Axel and a lot of other people we thought were dead but are coming back in this new game.
    I had trouble reading manga when I first started, just because it's the opposite of reading a comic, or anything I read actually. It took a while to get used to reading right to left but you can get used to it. The constant clicking can get annoying, especially if it's a long manga, and I like holding paper copies, but again it's something you get used to doing with enough time. So just keep reading enough and you'll get the hang of it. No worries.
    Sure thing.

    Yeah your english is good. I've definetly seen worse so you shouldn't have any real trouble around here.
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