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  • no no I read, but I doubted the validity of those statments. it just seemed unnatural for people to complain as much seeing as worse has happened before and I have not seein such a large complaint surface, but I'll take your word for it at this point.

    well to clear it up I wasn't defending it, and as I said i would rather it had not been created.

    sorry for the misunderstanding
    wow. you keep missing my point. I will try not to act out of frustration as that last thign that I want is a war.

    Sure the Kairi FC is complaining, but I'm claiming that if it had NOT been Kairi. nobody or at least hardly anyone would complain. my opinions on the image therefore have nothing to do with kairi
    if it had been an image of a randomly unique character that wasnt' in a video game noone would have said anything.

    and as far as your claim of defending the picture. I wasnt' defending it. and you should have seen that. I was merely commenting that there is no need to get worked up about it
    basically you just got warned and it'll go away in a month. =[

    either way, I hard deleted the thread, and if I lose moderator powers or whatever, I don't care, it was worth it. we can't let shit like that be on a forum with kids.
    no prob, sweetie. you always get the brunt of people's hate, i don't get why.

    although lol i got some negarep but you ended up with an infraction and that's even worse. =[
    sorry i can't help with that.
    ok first of all I am a VERY VERY strong Christian in my beliefs

    I agree that as a Christian one should not brush rape aside. however that is not what I was doing. and had you paid a little closer attention you would have realized that.

    I was merely stating that worse happens on the forums on a DAILY BASIS. and NOONE seems to complain. therefore you should not get worked up about an image like this, just because it has kairi in it. even if I liked kairi I would have the same opinion. I don't approve of rape, and I don't approve of sexual impurity however just because I see an offensive image doesn't mean I should get into a frenzy and get all pissed off about it.
    I don't like the image, I didnt' laugh at the image, and I wish it hadn't been made. I just don't think the existence of such an image should get people so worked up.(especially if it does not depict real people)


    (and I didn't wanna go here but)
    As a Christian (if you had read your Bible) we are not saved by works but by Grace. which means no matter how bad I get or something I do wrong I can always turn to God for forgiveness and repent. of course this isnt' a get out of jail free card for sin, but you can't call someone who is sinning or not upholding the values of the Bible not a Christian. since however in this case I was NOT sinning, you really don't have an argument here.


    even if I HAD been sinning, and lets say I didn't care and supported the image to its fullest. (which I didn't but lets just say I did)

    It is no place for you to bring my Christianity into question. Remember that part about "Judge not unless ye be judged"
    where did you think you had the authority to call my religious belief into question? Only God can determine the state of my spirit and he will work with me, it is not appointed untom man to accuse the bretheren, that's actually Satan's job.

    I'm really surprised you dared take that avenue and bring my Christianity into question.
    How dare you.


    What makes you think you have ANY place to question the authenticity of my Christianity? (desprite your being wrong about the whole thing in the first place.
    I'd prefer we moved to PMs :3 it's fanfic material. Don't want evil people snatching my ideas >> << >>

    I'll think about it. Right now, it's 1 in the morning and I haven't slept since 4 yesterday.
    You`re welcome! Thanks for accepting it!
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