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    News ► Watch the Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND TGS Trailer Now!

    Omg, I swear I read wiki pages on the lore for fun so I can participate in interesting conversations like these and then I make stupid mistakes like not noticing he's holding Oblivion. *faceplants into bed*
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    News ► Watch the Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND TGS Trailer Now!

    Why is nobody mentioning that Sora has a Dark Form now??? It's in the Vanitas bossfight. It seems to me like a circumstantial form, as in it triggers during certain points of the story instead of being related to what keyblade he's got equipped. But if that's true, does that mean the Vanitas...
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    News ► Watch the Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND TGS Trailer Now!

    Getting some Sleeping Realm Theory vibes here…
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    Kingdom Hearts Animated Series?

    I know several people who are kinda interested in KH as a series and think KH3 looks fun but aren't willing to commit to fifteen years worth of games or to try to understand the notoriously complex lore. For people like them, I think a TV adaptation would be a perfect way to enter the series...
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    Kingdom Hearts Animated Series?

    I personally agree with Oracle Spockanort, I honestly think a show could clarify and improve upon the original story. My hope would be that the Disney worlds take a bit more of a back seat and the convoluted plot and lore get more time to be explored and explained, and most of all I'd want it to...
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    Kingdom Hearts Animated Series?

    I remember hearing about Seth Kearsley pitching a Kingdom Hearts animated series to Disney for a third time a while back before KH3 came out, but I never heard anything about it after. All these original series the company is making now has got me thinking: do you think a KH series on Disney+ is...
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    Wishful Thinking: Understanding Kairi and her future in the series and just overall venting

    I want her to feel guilty/responsible for what happened to Sora. That's not just me spiting her because I'm so insanely disappointed in her character, but I feel like if she carried that emotional weight and then DID something about it, that would give the depth her character really needs. I...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie

    Is it possible that the DLC could have another secret movie? Cos, I mean, technically both KH1 and 2 had two secret endings, right? Maybe we'll get another one and this was just the first little part of it.
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    Just a thought

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    Cut Content

    Yeah. And then maybe they can mention why Demon Tower decided to give Riku a haircut and why the heck nobody ever even mentions it.
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    That moment when you realize the reason Xigbar keeps seeing Ventus in everyone isn't because of BBS but because he was with him in the Age of Fairytales
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    That doesn't explain Aqua though.
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    Xehanort's Name

    It just occurred to me... What if Xehanort's real name isn't Xehanort or even anything related to it? I know it's an anagram of "No Heart" or maybe even "Another, " plus the letter X, but both of the originals aren't really names, even by KH standards. Maybe he has another name but chose to go...
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    Which villain would you want to get redemption?

    Which villain from the KH series would you want to earn redemption and go to the good side? I'm not talking who would make sense or has an actual chance of getting it, they can be as illogical as you want, just who would you want to get it? Marluxia? Saix? Master Xehanort? Chernabog? I...