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  • He really pisses everyone off with his posts. Following him around even for an hour translating his posts was NOT FUN.

    The internet is a magical place.
    Since I'm still responding, yeah xD

    In all honesty, your English is still better than a vast majority of other members. As long as your posts remain superior to rac7d's (who despite being American butchers the English language to the point where it's barely recognizable), it's fine :3
    lol I haven't studied Spanish in over 3 years; I think I'll pass.

    If you need English help, just feel free to ask, anytime :)
    I think Wastewander speaks Spanish, but that's pretty much it. I don't care to ask.

    But recruiting members will be on you though. I don't speak Spanish, and I had quite enough of it in the two years I took in high school xD Good luck!
    You can make a club for virtually anything. It's Forum Insanity, so no one cares.
    When you reach 1000 posts, you become premium. When you reach 3000, you become platinum. (This is stated right on the KHI FAQ everyone tells you to read when you first join lol)
    uh good for you. to be honest, until your name color changes it won't mean anything.
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