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  • Ah, genau, das mit der Tür... da hatte ich mir auch viel mehr erhofft. Um ehrlich zu sein fand ich es lustig als Mickey einfach das Schlüsselschwert da findet und sich's einfach schnappt... woher wusste er das überhaubt?? Er wirkte ja nichtmal überrascht, also war es so ein "oh, das ist da drinnen. The fuck."-Moment
    Naja, Sephy geht's ja auch so. Vielleicht sind wir Deutschen ja einfach die klügsten, weil dieses schlechte Design nir uns aufzufallen scheint. :pP
    No problemo, yo. I saw your post get Ninja'd so I was like, "oh, perfect opportunity!"
    Of course! I thought it was weird thinking you had the completionist award without the in the grid award, so I decided to fix the problem :)
    also eigentlich find ich moana gar nicht so gut wie alle sagen, obwohl die story (bzw die konzepte) schon in KH reinpassen würden. :'D
    (wegen dem dazu-motivieren-lassen-post)
    Your welcome, VoidGear! =D And thank you!
    Oh my, that's quite shocking and concerning. It's a good thing you weren't there when it happened! Certainly scary something like that happens. :O Glad you're alright.
    Hey VoidGear, I wish you a early Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! =D Hope you're doing well!
    Thought I'd stop by and tell you, your welcome on extending the S/S contest! :D It was a pleasure to read your story challenges and I enjoyed them all!
    Yeah, I used to think I know a lot about KH, but some people here are just amazing with how they remember every little detail from the games :v it's so coool. Are you playing Unchained though? I tried my best to avoid Chi spoilers, but ended up watching the ending anyway. No regrets, it's good enough to still work even if I see it second time in Ux.
    Oh yay I got my first message! :D I guess it's because I was never really active here before, just lurking the threads quietly. Glad I'm here just in time for 2.8, I don't think I could survive until January if I couldn't talk about KH here and know that I get all the news as soon as they come out.
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