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  • Stories ya say, are they for the Shots of Summer? I want to write stuff for that too but I wonder if I'll get the time ; o ;
    Being productive during the day simply gives the best sleep at night, right? uwu
    Gosh Voido, I moved to a different place in my uni's city, yep, in the end my cousine left because apparently it was unbearable for her to stay with me lol (but I really do think there is something else behind all this superficial stuff). Luckily I found a very good place in early July and now everything is moved there and the stress is over and gone. These days everything got done and I also applied for Philosophy university and just before I got the results and I got in, being second on the list of admitted peeps > 7 < so one thing less to worry about ; w ; next week I'll go there to confirm mah place in da philosophy uni wa
    got some official stuff for applying for Philosophy uni done today, exams are all gone, everything went well and I survived with ..........minor or major injuries, idk anymore o 7 o "
    how bout you?
    gurl it's already half an hour since I started looking for some ooooold gifs I made with Ventus and Vanitas dancing in an awkward MMD like that
    I wanna find them so badly
    gawd xD
    *randomly rises from the dead and butts in*
    Um on another thing would it be okay if I send you a friend request? I don't know anybody here yet and would like to make some friends lol
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