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  • Wait, you need to get all the Jecht spheres? I did not know that. Maybe I got them all by accident once lol.
    Lulu's celestial weapon is hard to get .-. If you got it then you're a true FFX god.
    Alright, I'll do that after I finally finish Tomb Raider.
    And I thought Auron's was difficult lol.
    Any tips on how to get it? I've looked through some guides, it might be tricky af tho.
    Yeah and they are squishy, too. Like, really squishy. I've tried getting used to Lulu's overdrive, it was so difficult that I actually thought I was using my joystick wrong.
    Oh yeah, I was planning to get Rikku's celestial on my first playthrough, but I wanted to see he ending of the game.
    My team is normally Yuna, Auron, and Lulu or Tidus, Yuna, and Rikku :p
    Wait, X-2 Rikku?

    I found this :3

    Reminds me, I was replaying FFX for a second time and I forgot about it lol. I should probably play it. I'm gonna get Yuna's celestial weapon. I would get Auron's again but too lazy ;-;
    Think I found one!
    I remember emulating Days once, it was terrible. It was so slow. That or it's just the emulator.
    You're not alone. I think it's awful. Of course, I haven't played it.
    I never actually truly hated a game as much as Days surprisingly.
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