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  • Since you're new around here, I suggest that you read our FAQ's if you haven't already.

    Next time you want to post some videos, it would be better to use one thread than spam up the section with a whole bunch.

    You should also ask a staff member for help if you're unsure of anything in the future.

    Enjoy your stay.
    Your pretty cool. Todays the first day Ive seen you around but your posts and threads are pretty entertaining. So, good to meet you.
    Hey, Vixx! I don't want to sound horrible but due to forum rules, please make contributory posts when posting in a thread.
    You shouldn't double post. Click the "Edit Post" button at the bottom of your post and write "EDIT:" if you want to add something to what you've previously said. It's counted as spam if you don't, and it's looked down upon everywhere in the forums (even in Forum Insanity where posts don't count to your post count).

    I'm just letting you know since you registered basically today. :/
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