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Recent content by vietboydan

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    Will our love for kingdom hearts fade?

    Holy Crap My login still works! Haven't been here in forevers! KHI vets FTW! I asked this on different forums but wanted to hear from here.. Firstly, I love Kingdom Hearts but I thought about something the other day.? Will our love for Kingdom Hearts fade? The first game was introduced in 2002...
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    KH Insider Forum Veterans

    Went to check to see if my old login worked and it did!!. I havent logged in like years. Out of curiosity, are there any KHI veterans out there? Active ones? Put your registration date on. Mine is: January 12, 2007 Lets see how this goes! who's the oldest here haha!:confused:
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    Vietboydan Sings!

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    lvl up help!

    pls put the best place to level each drive form:thumbsup: Valor: Wisdom: Master: Final:
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    Drive form help!!!!

    I really hope that this is not really noobishb question but here goes I got valor so i thought i maght as well max it out so then later it wont let me level further and just levels up sora in general instead. HElp!
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    Organization XIII

    I hope this is not a repeated thread. Anyways. Only 13 members total. pls state which one you are. Firstcome first serve basis. since Im the first, I guess I'm Xemnas Lets make it fun with sigs and everything! We shall rule over khinsider together muhahahaha!
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    Hey ppls! I new and coming fresh from khvids! Anyone know Tallian? Anyways hope this forum is better!:thumbsup: