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  • Ambiguous as always. Part of me says you probably don't give a shit about politics.
    Even though this is late; Paradise Lost is much more descriptive and "glorious" than Dante's Inferno. Really recommend Paradise Lost if only for the reason that it influences basically everything written in Great Britain (and America to an extent) afterwards. It can get pretty long-winded/boring sometimes, much like Dante's tedious and slightly meticulous cataloging of the suffering of souls, etc.
    Why the 970? Current projected build sans windows 8. Have case, motherboard, and extra fan so far, next stuff to get is power supply, processor, ram, planning on two ssds; last item will be graphic card
    why does steam have to be 80% garbage and 20% decent games

    why do all mmos have like one good feature but suck otherwise

    is it still worth droppin dollahs on a 980 for a baller build
    Been a long time Vic.

    Are you still the only sane person with taste in the VG forum? Well, you and Shadow Fenix anyway.
    Hey. I don't think we've talked much since my younger days here where I was pretty asinine and brash but I just wanted to give you a shout and say hi, I have no intentions on trying to be buddy-buddy but I did some pretty immature things that half of the forum witnessed and felt I might as well clear the air.
    since you closed the thread...

    i never really said that there's not a lot to play on PC. there is a lot. i only said something as unfairly narrow as "that's cool. enjoy playing your shittily-optimized third-party ports for the PC like call of duty" because i was responding to your equally as unfairly narrow assertion about specs.

    in fact, i would argue to say that consoles are waaaay more restricted than pc in catalog breadth. there's very little to play on Wii U except for first party games, for example.

    but by ignoring consoles because they're not as powerful as an extremely powerful pc, you miss out on tons of great games. ultimately, the theme i'm trying to communicate.
    bictor what do i do: i want to play in not shitty tf2 games and clearly pubs are not the place for them
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