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  • I know that, but still no need to freaking bash on my knowledge, not everyone is an expert like you and all of the if i have some knowledge then it is good enough..and btw i am not a kid..i am older than you
    you honestly think i know jack shit about graphics, you dont have to have a excelled knowledge of graphics to comment on other's works..its called being helpfull>.>
    Ana Lucia's horrible. Juliet's cool though.
    I think you'd have to be on staff to do this though, what with unlimited name changes whenever you want.
    The ginger kind of sucks though. I'm thinking we should all get Lost related names (cameron's already Daniel Faraday). I would be Desmond Hume due to Scottishness.
    Hey Flashback Humor,

    You were doing a banner for me for my site, and I hope it's going great! Please take your time, I'm in no hurry.

    But, my real reason for messaging you was to request another banner made. It's really not any different from the old one, except instead of saying "Charxai Chronicles", saying "Charxai Archives".

    I would still like you to make the old one, and was hoping it wouldn't be too much trouble to make a near-duplicate.

    Thank you very much for your time!

    The Lionheart
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