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  • lol i had decided in my head that i signed up for it, went to the thread and stuff a bunch of times but never actually signed up for some reason
    haha. okay!! I will. I'm actually gonna be off for the next week and a half so I got plenty of time to prepare. in fact, I'll go put up a brainstorm thread right now :3
    Yeah between that and school I was out of the house literally every day of the week (including saturday and sunday). My debt started at like 48k and the last I checked I got it down to about 15k.

    Haha yeah I actually found a offer for a fulltime job doing that. They were paying like 50k a year too. The company I'm working with now is a marketing place so I'll probably be doing so print work for them (they're office is actually located inside of a print company lol).
    Yeah I worked 35 hours a week for my first year and a half and I only took out half of my loans (which is still pretty good I guess).

    Since I'm only graduating with my associates my plan is to work freelance jobs and study on my own on the side. Once I've built up a decent portfolio then I'll go for a full time so I can be paid more ;D
    Wish I would have done that, then I wouldn't be as poor as I am now :c

    But thanks though I can't wait. I've already got a freelance job going on now.
    Awesome ;D

    I'm trying to crank out some stuff myself but I'm busy with both school (graduating september) and working on the new KHI site. After september I should be able to spend more time here.
    Well you came at a good time. DM is starting to get the most activity it's had years.
    Well looky here

    Seems like the whole DM gang from a few years ago is getting back together
    Eh yo. Shop has some requests for you. People are wondering. We need some shit turned out.
    hey, take 13 for sotw, i only entered to get more entries so it's not important to me. plus i'm not too happy with my entry haha
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