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  • Ah alright then, btw if I don't get the chance to say this later Happy New Years.
    Yeah, lol. I remember. I thought then i finally had some free time to virtually socialize with my old forum peeps. But, alas, the outside world called again. lol. I've been coming on once in a while lately though. Now that classes are over, I finally have free time! ; )
    I would merge the threads you suggested, but it's almost impossible with the server lag. Even this message is a struggle :\ It's just too much so I'm going to attempt to log off; hopefully with success.
    It's with a 'K', by the way. ;]

    And which posts?
    I'm just saying that I could care less what my post count is. It determines nothing. So for me or anyone to focus solely on it would be pointless. It doesn't indicate your knowledge of Kingdom Hearts or anything relevant to the sreies. I wasn't trying to cause an altercation between us I was only stating that I already pointed out what you said. This happens many times in the forums so I point it out so people posting in threads will try to refrain from doing it again. Now when have I ever posted an irrelevant one liner is beyond me but, I can assure you that it is not to boost my post count.
    Well the guy did kind of explain that he was new so he had the benefit of the doubt.
    If it were someone like Org14Kurix(Riku) then we'd raep his ass with negative comments.

    I'm just glad you informed me before it went on.
    I've got a thread that needs closing (sorry if I do this wrong, first time doing this), it's "Availability Before Or At Last Minute Of Christmas?" in RE:COM section. It's useless now, as the question has been answered, so there's no need for it now. No rush, just letting you know, since you're a mod and all.
    Funny how people could believe that, seriously this is Ken we're talking about.
    Ha, the people who told you that would probably be Some Dude 1 or someone like that.

    True, got rep form Lycanthrope as well.

    Ah I've seen Jonny Stooge do that, I suspect it worked out for him lol.
    Nice strategy, though I don't think I'll have to use that method XD I'm rep whored by SA and various other members weekly so it's all good.

    Seriously though, the guys that feel for that are idiots.
    Oh my...
    You actually gave me rep for that?

    Well, I have to say thanks a lot, though I was only kidding :D
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