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  • Run a search under my old e-mail, if you dun have it, I'll PM you it.

    And yeah, I travel a lot too. Been going here and there doing a whole lot of nothing but being a social butterfly and partying since this past break.
    Smash Bros.?


    I just simply disclosed the official tier list of KHI. Assist trophies and Pokeballs are suppose to be in alphabetical order, so no order in particular. Tier list don't affect how liked/disliked the person is either. Just on fanbase and winning potential.

    Aside from that gibberish. How've you been?
    Yugioh Virtual Dueling (YVD) was brought to the forums by some guy and then Ken made a thread about it, so people were dueling and making decks and stuff. I don't think too many people still duel now but I don't know.
    Oh, I see. I thought the teal was a green, but I see Steve did as well, so I feel less bad. Congratulations on your promotion!
    Lol, and I know you've been here for a while; IIRC you were a site staff member? Not sure I think you mentioned it before.

    I have no clue hence "fallen off the face of the earth" but I do hope he's alright, he was the first of the new mods to retire :c
    Ah I see, well considering we had a few people retire there was always room for you so I'm glad you got upgraded. And honestly I saw you as a potential global mod because of your constant activity here and your willingness to help outside of the section were assigned to originally; that and Garth has fallen off the face of the earth.. Lol glitches are awesome :D
    Crystal Lake, to be exact. Unfortunately, it's not that exciting of a town.

    And congratulations on the promotion.
    Wow, really? I always thought you did have some sort of power. Then again, there are those members that seem to somehow be above the rabble. And now you've retired, judging by your name colour...is that due to time constraints or just because you hate us all? xD Anyway, shame, because as you may have discerned, I think you're a great choice for moderator.
    I had dial up for a long time, so I never used to be online much until I got a laptop for myself. It took me a shamefully long amount of time to get to grips with 'forum etiquette'. Now I just log onto KHI as and when, quite frequently now though, owing to winter break, but that's soon to end.
    Hahaha, yeah, well I'm pretty sure you were a mod when I was just starting to use the forums, so naturally I thought moderators were the ultimate authority who could deal any kind of punishment, so it probably made quite the impression on my n00bish mind.
    Btw, just to clarify, I wasn't trying to say that you're someone who thinks that everyone has to submit to your power, or gtfo, but the quote just seemed relevant at the time.
    Yeah, a bit of a blast from the past. It's cool to have vets such as yourself make a return after a hiatus :)
    Holy craps xD

    And it's very hard to read text on your profile...UNLESS I DO THIS.
    Oh hush, that nipple's not really there. It's part of the fancy GFX effects that helped balance everything out. It's just humorously placed and just happens to look a lot like a nipple. That's all :D!
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