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Recent content by Veritas7340

  1. Veritas7340

    Surprising Parallels to Dragon Ball Z's Story

    Dragon Ball Z parallels in parentheses: In KHI (Dragon Ball Z Seasons 1-3), everyone is led to believe there is only one Keyblade Wielder (Super Saiyan). Sora (Goku) becomes the Keyblade Wielder. Later, a new Keyblade Wielder named Mickey (Future Trunks) is revealed, who helps Sora (Goku)...
  2. Veritas7340

    Favorite Playable Characters?

    1. Terra (especially/primarily with Ven D-Link) 2. Ven 3. Sora 4. Riku (CoM)
  3. Veritas7340

    Roxas and Namine's Relationship

    Still, don't you think this was Nomura's original intent while creating KHII? Overall, I agree with you based on the revelations in Dream Drop Distance.
  4. Veritas7340

    Roxas and Namine's Relationship

    Is Roxas and Namine's relationship causally affected by Sora and Kairi's relationship? For instance, if Sora and Kairi started to dislike each other, would Roxas and Namine start to dislike each other? On one hand, Kingdom Hearts II does seem to imply this. Although Roxas and Namine had only...
  5. Veritas7340

    Sora's "Forgotten" Promise to Namine

    Blackdrazon's KHII Retrospective made me think about this. Roxas and Namine's conversation near the end of KHII seems oddly strong or even romantic. Well, we know Sora's memory of his promise to Namine became latent after Namine restored his original memories. Further, we know Roxas reunited...
  6. Veritas7340

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Retrospective

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who thought the mini-game boss before fighting Xemnas again seemed like a pointless transition. Although it is weird that Namine and Roxas suddenly seem in love with each other, the voice actors did such a good job that the scene felt natural. Perhaps Roxas...
  7. Veritas7340

    Favorite Boss Battle Per Kingdom Hearts Game.

    KHI: Riku-Ansem. Sure, this was probably the toughest canon boss in this game. Nevertheless, it is also quite thrilling, and when I first beat this boss, it was the most accomplished I felt while playing the game. Not to mention, it is quite an iconic scene. COM: Last Riku-Replica on Sora's...
  8. Veritas7340

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Retrospective

    @Blackdrazon: Just read the latest post in the KHII retrospective. Excellent per usual. Regarding the unexplained power increase, I think I have an answer. I had always assumed both Xemnas and Sora's group became stronger because of their close proximity to the artificial Kingdom Hearts. In...
  9. Veritas7340

    The Christian Symbolism in the Kingdom Hearts Series

    Kingdom Hearts contains Christian symbolism that surprisingly seems to be quite stronger than one would initially think: Kingdom Hearts I Sora sacrificed himself to save the hearts held captive by the keyblade of darkness, symbolizing how Jesus sacrificed himself to free our hearts held...
  10. Veritas7340

    The Game Punishes Strategic Playing

    I tend to be a strategic player, waiting for chances to counterattack opponents. I have beaten Kingdom Hearts games many times in the past. Recently, I beat Kingdom Hearts with zero deaths. On Kingdom Hearts II, however, I have died many times to Heartless... I have no idea why. Kingdom Hearts...
  11. Veritas7340

    Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Retrospective

    Because Vexen never mentioned the superior in that conversation, I assumed he was referring to the Ansem that Riku talked with earlier. Xemnas does fit the description though.
  12. Veritas7340

    Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Retrospective

    Actually the game gives conflicting evidence on whom Zexion meant. (1) Vexen seems to indicate Zexion was talking about DiZ: "He is Ansem, and he is not Ansem. He belongs to neither the light nor the dark, but walks the twilight between." (2) Lexeaus implies Zexion meant Ansem SoD: "You are...
  13. Veritas7340

    Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Retrospective

    When I first saw the CoM commericals, and they showed Riku in Twilight Town, I thought the same thing! I thought we would have seen how Riku abducted Jasmine, Pinocchio, and Wendy. @Blackdrazon, does CoM ever say how DiZ avoided being detected by Zexion?
  14. Veritas7340

    Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Retrospective

    Can't believe this never occurred to me before: How did DiZ avoid being detected by Zexion?
  15. Veritas7340

    Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Retrospective

    Oh my bad. I can remember the Re CoM version. It's been so long since I've seen my GBA. I think it is the same. That version of Riku's line strays into rated M territory lol