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  • Man, that must be annoying. I heard about a preacher from a Kentucky church that just got bitten by a snake that he handles. Well, he's not the only one that engages in snake handling and that's pretty much what the whole church focuses on; snake handling due to some biblical passage about 'surviving being bitten by snakes' or something.

    He refused treatment, because it goes against his medical treatment and he was forty-two. Unfortunately, he died.
    No, there's no need for anyone in my city to wear masks because it's situated at the other end of the island. It's just beyond the reaches of the ash. My city should be fine as long as the wind is not blowing westward stronger than it is now.

    It's not that it's always sunny. It rains quite often, too, actually, especially at this time of the year. In just a few months though the dry season commences. Having no rain means it's going to be quite hot and humid (despite it being a dry season) and it's kind of uncomfortable.
    Probably not, because the volcanic ash reaches really high into the sky. The resulting clouds would probably be overwhelmed by the dust cloud.

    But eh, I'm not a weather expert, so who knows if it might actually work, haha/
    Tell me about it. I wish I didn't have so much attention, because it gets irritating after awhile. Not to even mention bad attention.
    We (as in my country) could use more rain ourselves. There was a volcanic eruption a few days back and dust particles now float in the air in cities within probably 500 km from the volcano, so a good rain would hopefully wash them all away.

    Of course, just don't let the rain be acidic because of all the sulfur present...
    Oh yeah, it was known as Yolanda locally. I was using the international term because that's what the typhoon was referred to by the broadcasters.

    Well, glad to hear that you were not affected as adversely as those in the ground zero. I've seen a documentary about the disaster... it really did leave behind trails of utter devastation. I'm sure though that everything's going to return to normal; not overnight, of course, but eventually it will.
    Sort of, but nobody is saying anything. So, you're stuck on a merry-go-round of 'WHAT DID I DO?!" The paranoia seems to be punishment enough.
    Oh, hi there, neighbour! I hope you live far from where Haiyan went into a rampage late last year. Those were terrifying times for sure...
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