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  • That's alright, don't worry a single bit about it. :)

    Visiting Indonesia is going to be wonderful! If you know where to go, you'd be in for a great trip. While cities are the must-go places if it's your first time, I'd also recommend you to go and visit the natural or cultural places of interest. Just like in any other country, you won't be able to visit them all in three lifetimes, so I'd suggest you decide the purpose of your trip (e.g. natural wonders, hiking, city sightseeing, culinary, historical places, etc) and read up and research about the places that fall under your category.

    And the Miss World contest was held in Bali, yeah. A beautiful island of rich culture, that is. I can also say that it's also the most internationally recognised place in Indonesia.
    Doing good, thanks. And what's this for? I'm not exactly comfortable in sharing my personal information to the public, especially over the Internet. I think my country is the most specific information I'd share with people.

    I really do hope you take no offence. It's just you can't be too careful in the Internet, see...
    Yep as long as he doesn't hog the bed, which happens to be a table. However, the table is very comfortable and fills a lot more comfy than a mattress.
    I am trying to open this large door. I have a Juggernaut and I just beat Trevor Belmont. The game I am playing is Castlevania: Curse of Darkness.
    Yeah, I just heard about it. I pity the animal that had to go through that. Beliefs are something else, especially if they are that extreme.

    I just took a visit to my mind or whatever. Apparently, there the gods are people that can die and stay dead. Everyone else, well, they resurrect themselves. They also have the number of times they were killed tattooed somewhere on their bodies.

    I know, I sound crazy. I'm playing Castlevania after all.
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