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  • idk this week's just been kinda crazy with school and mock trial and tennis. And my mom's been bugging me xP How's it been for you?
    Omg how come I didn't see your message!?!? >.< Sorry!!

    Are you training for the army?
    Good I just got back from vacation. I'm happy to be home except for the cold part. Wbu?
    Hey!!!!!! You haven't been on in FOREVER!!!

    I've been good, really good but bored. How've you been?
    *hugs* Sorry I didn't get your post before D: And you read the books?

    and ok then bye!!
    lol I also saw the cheesiest movie in history next to its original movie. New moon. Me and my fiends were laughing even in parts where your not supposed to XD
    Whoooaaaa the marines? Thats reeeeeaaaalllllly cool lol. :D and top of the class, sounds awesome lol.
    Yeah I will it just might take me some time, and many, many blonde moments lol.

    ansd how is your school studies going?
    *hugs* lol Youjust asked me that, well I went through my 14th b-day in november. Almost had a non-surprise party but then I couldn't go to it, so its technically not my party anymore XD 8th grade confuses me sometimes.
    *rubs eyes* Is that really VensMemories?? *blinks and runs into random wall* OMG IT IS!! lol I've been good!! How about you?
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