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    Anime/Manga ► Digimon Adventure tri

    I just finished a 5-week (all quarantine) binge of adventure, 02, and tri. Honestly, My opinion if tri has changed tremendously. I think the distance between each installment hurt it. It had a slow start, but watching it directly after both seasons of adventure, it made sense. My only real...
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    Anime/Manga ► Digimon Adventure tri

    Where can I watch last evolution online?
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    Heartbroken that I have to admit this but....

    I replayed the data Roxas fight the other day and thought the same thing. It was slower and not as responsive. The zoomed out camera is a plus though. I do think the magic in KH3 was a step down from KH2. when I saw the multiple shortcut menus for KH3, I assumed we’d have a reason to use them...
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    Spoilers ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Re Mind DLC Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Is it possible to go back to Scala to find missing chests after completing ReMind?
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    Spoilers ► So how does everyone feel about Re:Mind? (Spoilers)

    I finished Remind last night and I thought it added a decent amount and really made the game feel like it had a better ending. Playing as the other characters was fantastic! Playing this reminded me of the things I didn’t like about the base game. 1) Terrible lock on. When I was fighting...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3 Gummiphone Phone Case + Roxas and Xion Music Boxes coming soon

    Are there no holes for the camera in the phone case?
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    News ► Dual wielding returns with Kingdom Hearts III's Oathkeeper and Oblivion new formchange

    I figured it’s like “you need two hearts to awaken the ability. Once it’s awakened, you always have it.” That’s what I’m going to tell myself anyway. That and it’s a gameplay mechanic so it doesn’t need a full explanation. Kind of like Aqua not actually having cat ears and glowing wings while in...
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    Things you actually miss from past games, and didn't see in KH3

    My second play through of 3 was my 100% run. I didn’t move on from a world until I had 100%.
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    Things you actually miss from past games, and didn't see in KH3

    I wish there were reasons to go back to worlds. Every world in KH3 can be 100% in your first visit (or leaving then going back before advancing the story). Growth abilities are irrelevant. Glide doesn’t really add much since every area was reachable before you got it.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres- Setlist and Special Messages

    I have tickets to the show on June 29. Due to a scheduling conflict, I’m wondering if anyone with tickets for the night before would be willing to trade. 2 tickets for 2 tickets
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    World of Tres Concert Impressions

    I’m pretty pumped for June 29th now!
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    The Chamber of Repose

    It could be possible that the voices heard were Xemnas and Young Xehanort. Or even Xemnas and Ansem SoD. It’s pretty apparent that they were attempting to do the whole 7+13 to get the x-blade with the princesses and original organization. I’m sure they had to have meetings. Especially when Ansem...
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    Confusion over one point with aqua..

    It literally just vanished and we’re supposed to assume that meant it went to the realm of light when it looked as if it was just a case of “the camera angle just didn’t have it in the shot”
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    Is this hate for Kairi alone upset me?

    I haven’t gotten to the end of the game again yet. So I’ve only seen it once. (When I migrated my save files and whatnot from my old PS4 it deleted all my KH3 data from my new one where I had beaten the game). But I still stand on the fact that it wasn’t the full reason. It was a crappy...
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    Confusion over one point with aqua..

    I know it wasn’t shown. That’s my point. Showing the Keyblade being separated from her would have made it more acceptable. With the gap in time, I feel as though she should have lost it in the fight on the beach so it could be shown being separated from her and there wouldn’t have been a...