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  • ken you are so awesomeo its like not evn funny i swear, like your asian so that makes you hot, but you still are hot so its like double package alol
    It's cool. I'm so completely retarded when it comes to audio software and recording and shit that it probably would've come out a garbled mess anyway.
    Could you give me until the end of the weekend to submit my part for karaoke? I have an autistic sister who literally cannot stay quiet in some way shape or form for five minutes and walls that are most definitely not sound proof -_-

    I think I can figure out some sort of solution over the weekend, but I'll probably need until then unless a miracle happens in the next couple of hours.
    What's your Uguudyr rune setup again?

    Mine was the lee sin setup

    Red: 2 ad, 7 arpen
    Yellow: armor
    blue: mr/lvl
    quint: flat ad
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    hey Ken... I know that Sham did a dissidia video for ya sometime ago and I was wondering. I liked the tune for it... do you know where to find an MP3 for it? if you like I'll find the video for you
    um mitsuru kirijo. <3 unless you wanna do something original, then by all means.
    your post made me realize....i am pretty gay already....i should just embrace it.....

    sign me up.......
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