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  • gah you have no idea T^T I bet my bodyfat percentage is like.. - 10000 or something lollll.
    hhhhhahhhe, aww. cant say im that healthy then. im terrified of gaining weight lol. but yeaa, sure msnn; i dont really use it much.. but at times. :c
    YES, you fucking agree with me. Id so hug you now c:
    Like, fat in general.. is disgusting. D8
    finalfantasyforums. :c i said i think obese people are disgusting, and like they started hating on meeee. why make an obese thread thingie if you dont want other peoples opinion ?
    lollll, thanksss, i might stick around for awhile. c: the faggets @ fff turned out to be bitches fffuu
    idk if my karaoke microphones would work,i didn't see it as dumb, but then again i really am really stupid, idk about the l/r thing cuz in the OP u where so like, idk, about the perfect rhythm or w/e i thought you might have minded, i meant the intrumental thing as a joke, but w/e,
    ken does firion learn any new HP attacks besides that bow one? it's easy to block by others, and for me to make a good shoot id have to get close, use that one BRV attack, then like while he's off guard use the bow one...
    ur retired...? rrr what does the green stand for? >~O
    it's not global..i think...
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