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    Its christmas

    Im wondering what games did you get. I got little big planet,fallout 3, and mirrors edge
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    Help/Support ► Girl Troubles

    If everybody everywhere i go tells me the same thing id start to belive it
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    Help/Support ► I dont want to be a sister again!

    Wear ear plugs at night and keep lots of asprin.
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    Help/Support ► everyone HATES me!!!

    I've never been bullied or teased (i think its cause im black :( ) but you should tell them to grow and get a life or move to a diffrent class. I really hope this helps because i hate when people get picked on
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    Help/Support ► More than a friend?

    Like most people have already said if u like enough go for it.
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    Most Annoying Heartless

    I hate fire bandits and the other fat one
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    Help/Support ► Why Can't He Just Leave Me The Hell Alone?

    You should get your bigger friends go to him and his friends and takem out.
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    Saved By Mickey anyone?

    The first time I fought Xaldin I thought he was easy, but the second time he was stranglely hard. Micky saved me like 4 times.
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    BBS Question

    Yen Sids eyes scare me
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    Is Cloud?

    He most likely will, and i like kool aid
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    How long did it take you to beat KHII?

    It took me about 50-55 hours.
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    How did you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

    I saw the commerical when i was like in the 3rd or 4th grade.
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    which organization fight was the hardest for you to beat

    xaldin was pretty hard...thank god for Micky
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    different keyblades in bbs

    Yeah what they said but i wouldnt want to carry one keyblade through the game either.... ehh ill get over it