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  • Ha, I really didn't expect to get my hands on Double Spoiler the day it came out, but I actually did. I'm probably gonna play it all day :)
    Haven't a clue. Wish I did though, it's pretty cute. Swiped it from Colours, of course.
    Hmmm, you're probably right. I think that it would feel weird seeing them get hurt, even though I've read some manga showing some pretty brutal stuff (but it was about Remilia and Flandre, so I guess it's to be expected).
    I'm pretty sure that they are going to include their own storyline. I'm also a bit curious about how they are going to do the fights. The character's design looks a bit "soft" for anything too major to happen, especially for characters like Youmu and Sakuya who use weapons. Then again, I've seen a couple of videos where the characters look pretty cute, but they still fight all out.

    Haha, thanks. She caught my heart ever since I saw her spinning in MoF.
    There also might be a PoFV type storyline due to the appearance of Medicine, Yuka, Komachi, and Sikieiki in a different, shorter preview. It also has a short clip of Yuka fighting Marissa.
    Yeah, the video had me smiling throughout the whole thing. I really didn't expect to see Maribel and Renko so that made me happy. I also loved the little part with Sanae and Shou trying to spread the faith, and Kanako's smug look. I'm really looking forward to this and I can't wait until it comes out.

    I also want to see Maikaze finish their series. I'm a bit worried though, because there hasn't been much activity on their website recently. Hopefully, they've just been too busy to update the site.
    Ha, oh well. Anyway, I can't wait until that new doujin anime comes out on the 14th. Have you sen the preview to it?
    You definitely should. I've also been thinking about making a Touhou thread, but I've been kinda lazy about it :p
    My main problem with Patchouli is her non-spell card attacks. I always underestimate how fast her non-directional lasers move, so they always end up killing me.
    That stinks. The game I intend on beating on normal is EoSD, because I want to unlock the extra stage and fight Flandre.
    Master Spark was god awful. Diagonal moving bullets suck ( Yuugi in SA especially) and the shaking screen made it even worse.

    So you still haven't beat UFO yet?
    Definitely. Youmu gave me the worst as kicking I've ever experienced. Rin from SA is almost just as bad.
    Lol. Ever since I got my laptop, I've been trying to 1CC all the games on normal, but I failed on all of them except IN. I'm just not a Stage 5 guy.
    Yep. I'm already looking forward to pictures of a lot of the newer characters. Mainly: Iku, Tenshi, Satori, Koishi, Byakuren, and Nue.
    How your name slipped my mind is beyond me =( my bad. But you're pretty much right, in fact you were the first person I actually asked for help.
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