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  • I want to learn piano, but I have this really weird habit of crossing my arms for things like playing computer games, and it really interferes when I try to play the piano without crossing my arms =/
    Ahh well thats good i suppose. At least you're still here, but i pretty much have to get to know everyone all over again. :p
    Yeah, but no one can even tell what songs they are, except for the few Kingdom Hearts ones I have. Still, it's nice to play the music for the people who ask to listen. Even my sister will ask me to write out some anime openings for her so she can play it on her flute.
    Yeah i know. Pokemon trading is what brought me back on here strangely. :p Haha, nothin much goin on here, just tryin to get through school and whatnot. Any of the old buddies still get on here? And are you a mod now?
    Not really. I just really enjoy playing music that I like, and since there are only so many songs that I can actually keep memorized in my head, I figured I would just write them out for my convenience. It also helps kill the boredom in band class. Since I failed one of my classes, I'm not allowed to go compete with everyone, so I was sent to a room with the other people who failed, and we sit and do nothing for the whole period.
    Yeah, I just wanted hurry up and see the new character real quick, so I could continue writing out some more music for me that I've heard from different places. I'm already at 18 different pieces right now, and I still plan on writing out a more.
    Ah, I finally unlocked Hatate. Aya was a easier than I thought she was going to be. It was only her last level that gave me a lot of trouble, but that's because I never do good on levels that require 10 photos.

    Oh, and did you manage to get your pictures?
    Wow I haven't been on Kh for a WHILE. How have you been Alexx, if you remember me that is. :p
    That's three times now. It's like baseball, so that means you're out as a regular person and you're a stalker. I hope I don't find you in my apartment now, or else I'll have to kill you when you see my head in a jar.
    Stupid me, I was playing Pokemon while I read this :p. Anyway, I usually just use the Snipping Tool on Windows, and edit it so it looks nice.
    I'm going to take that as a compliment saying that I'm the best person ever.

    Are you sure? As far as I know, you've visited my page twice already. DUN DUN DUN.
    You might have if we spoke on some other forum before, but I always go by the same username, so who knows! Unless you're stalking me.

    Double Spoiler kicked my ass, and that's because I gave it more patience than StB. I was doing good at first, getting every picture for every level, until I reached level 6. I wasn't able to get two pictures, so I moved on, and I slowly got less and less for each level. I'm trying to unlock the Ex stage, but I just can't get anymore pictures :(
    Ah, It's been a good couple of weeks. I was actually able to 1CC both EoSD and PCB on normal. Apparently, I'm extremely good with ReimuB, but I never knew since I always played with Marissa. Also, after I went back onto youtube, there have been quite a but of new Touhou PV's that came out, three of them required insulin.

    Well, it turns out that preview I showed you wasn't for an anime, but some music videos instead. I'm a bit upset but the video is still really cool (because I love Yuka).
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