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    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    As far as I know, the videos and photos inside his Facebook were the same of the Dropbox account, nothing more leaked, so no. I agree, Cable Town is magnific, I like it a lot.
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    Unmarked Spoilers: 4chan leak discussion thread (UNVERIFIED)

    ↓ I remembered this xD
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    Unmarked Spoilers: 4chan leak discussion thread (UNVERIFIED)

    Totally fake with 15% of chances to hit few things just due probability.
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    KH2: Unknown enemy in the Secret Ending #1 (The Gathering)

    As you all know, the Secret Ending #1 of Kingdom Hearts 2 called "The Gathering" shows Terra standing above a defeated enemy, then the enemy vanishes in sand through the air. Until today its form has not yet been revealed, I assume this was a preliminary or discarded version because I...
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    The "Dream Sword" into the movie "The Black Cauldron" (1985)

    I was seeing images through Google and I just noticed this. The "Magic Sword" from the movie The Black Cauldron (1985) -called Dyrnwyn in the novel- is almost identical to the "Dream Sword" from Kingdom Hearts. Info from: Disney Wikia | KH Wiki Inspiration? Coincidence? Conspiracy? Direct...