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  • Oh that sucks... one time my brother really really pissed me off, and I took one of his movies and made a circle around the disc with a nail.
    Lol okay, I skip Dr'ed Prizoner of Azkaban and it still froze when Harry and Lupin are talking on the bridge, but there's a deep scratch right there so yeah.
    Dude. Thanks a bunch for Skip Dr! KH1 still has some minor scratches, but it only froze 3 times in the intro and, it works perfectly! You think I should clean it one more time though?
    Oh by the way I ordered the Skip Dr. a few hours ago! I can't wait to get it. I'm gonna test it on some crappy movie my sis has though to make sure haha
    Oh ok good. I'd be really pissed if it didn't come with it. I bet you this thing will come when I'm in school and my parents we'll say "You can't clean the disc until you do your homework!" and they're gonna say that when I get BbS. Too bad I'll be finished my homework by time the data install is done! MWAHAHAHA PARENTS FAIL! *lightning cracks in the background*

    I friend requested you on PSN lol...my PSN is Overdrive1121 in case you didn't know XD
    Hmmm... I might go back to his site and see the new stuff he has. Best one for me was when his guitarist decided to play with him. xD
    I stopped watching him, though. :/
    It somewhat got boring waiting for his new reviews. :|
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