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Recent content by Vaddix

  1. Vaddix

    Favorite KH youtuber?

    BioRoxas, Novayon, and JustAPancake are all good for reasons already mentioned above. First two are interesting/informative, Pancake is stupid-funny (though he hasn't uploaded much in a while, I miss his content). Other than those, StickmanSham is another good one, streams mostly, but posts...
  2. Vaddix

    News ► Kingdom Hearts is coming to PC! Releasing March 30 exclusively on the Epic Games Store

    So, bit of a pipe dream I've been meaning to ask about regarding the console versions, but these PC ports bring it to mind again: PC ports show me they're clearly not done fiddling around with the Dark Seeker Saga collection, and MoM proved to me the resources are probably at Square's...
  3. Vaddix

    News ► New TWEWY countdown website launches

    If that's the case, I'll hope your interpretation is a correct one. Seems hopeful. Not sure how much stock anyone took in all of it, but in that Nintendo Gigaleak this past summer, along with all the leaked assets and images, wasn't there a supposed list of things coming out? I believe I saw...
  4. Vaddix

    News ► New TWEWY countdown website launches

    And...what are they doing to us exactly..? I guess the joke is over my head. Either that or it's I tend to not pretend to be a mind-reader or to assume intent, lol.
  5. Vaddix

    News ► New TWEWY countdown website launches

    This is definitely a direct replay of the iOS port teaser site, isn't it? I favorited this video ages ago because it had all 7 Days' music tracks, with the new instrument layers adding each day:
  6. Vaddix

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Chess Set in development

    So that's actually a bit of a thing I'd like to make a bigger thread/topic all about at a later time--I would like to investigate the exact "timeline" of the True Org's members, and I'm not entirely sure how much of the narrative given by characters regarding that might actually be misleading...
  7. Vaddix

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Chess Set in development

    Really makes ya wonder, doesn't it? Honestly, and this has definitely been said by others, the whole point of Repliku's piece looking like that could be intentional, just to kinda showcase Riku's relationship with Maleficent in his darker days, even if Repliku himself never had that. The...
  8. Vaddix

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Chess Set in development

    While this artwork doesn't show a dark Terra piece, a dark Terra piece does show up very briefly in cutscenes in-game, though it's hard to catch. They likely figured there was no point in putting the same drawing in this art book twice, just with a color swap. But yeah, for some reason, Axel...
  9. Vaddix

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Chess Set in development

    Correct, but notice, as we were kinda getting at, the Roxas, Axel, and Xion symbols aren't included on this art piece, and did not show up in-game. As for the ones that *are* included, here's what we have: On the Light set, from left to right: Sora, Riku, Kairi, Mickey, Terra, Aqua, Ventus On...
  10. Vaddix

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Chess Set in development

    The general consensus seems to be it's the last gold piece here, the golden dragon-head looking doodad--why that is, however, I'm still to this day totally unsure.
  11. Vaddix

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Chess Set in development

    I think you're right on the money here, and the far right piece looks like the dark version of Terra's piece. So then the question is what that middle piece might be.
  12. Vaddix

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Chess Set in development

    Pretty much exactly as one would expect, hahah. Which leaves the questions of 1) What is Xion's symbol anyhow, 2) Is that pointy dragon-head looking doodad indeed Repliku's symbol, and 3) Why? Lol
  13. Vaddix

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Chess Set in development

    I was just about to point this out, they are pieces we never got to see in-game, surprisingly. So this is awesome. In fact in terms of major characters, I think the only ones we didn't see the pieces for were Axel, Roxas, Xion, and Namine (if we assume the kinda iffy pieces were Demyx, Vexen...
  14. Vaddix

    News ► KH - III, II.8, Unchained χ & Union χ [Cross] - Original Soundtrack Track List Revealed

    Wait, am I mistaken, or is the name of Data YX's theme not quite right? Y'all think that's a typo? Or did they really decide YX's theme would share a name with that of Xemnas, despite being two very different songs? (To clarify for any unsure what I mean, YX's battle themes have been...
  15. Vaddix

    Party Customization Question

    Awesome, that covers it perfect, thank you kindly. Still so weird that the game doesn't list them in order of, like, decreasing required HP/MP. The lowest, at a critical state, is smack dab in the middle of the three choices and that just feels so bizarre to me.