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    The Anti-Spiderpig Campaign

    WOOOT. We must all ban together to get rid of the Spiderpig trend. Members: Uzumaki-Naruto Toasty! Silh(?) Khchick Mythological Omega Cursed
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    wii test

    yo. im testing my wii internet its working :D
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    Metal Gear Solid CHAOS!

    YouTube - Solid Snake Chaos I got bored, I made this on my own. Enjoy and Rate please :D
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    Rogue Galaxy *Read Now =3*

    Rogue Galaxy is about a boy named Jaster. Jaster lives in a Desert world. When Jaster was younger he always wanted to go into space and find out what it was like. He finally get's that chance when he is mistaken for a person named "Desert Claw" the Number one Bounty Hunter.... He finally gets...
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    Guitar Hero II Grim Ripper Glitch!!

    *NOTE* You must have the Reaper *NOTE* YOU MUST HAVE THE REAPER SELECTED ON YOUR PROFILE!!!! Ok So, This is how you make him Change his Guitar!! 1. Take out your Memory Card and start the game 2. Get to the main menu and Hit Career 3. Dont make a profile, Just put in your Memory card and...
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    Ugh *gets on one Knee* Will you take this big 100k Diamond Bronze Gold RIng... and Be my Husband
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    ZOMG Yes Im leaving ^^

    WOOO, IM going to leave KHI Because its so boring now T.T. Ill probably be on for about 2 more days At the most. If not, Bye!
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    My DDR Keyboard Skills

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=uxG0QQnY_TA This is my video, It does skip beause my brother has to push F9 to film and it only films 30 second intervals, And he presses it early sometimes, sorry for that!
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    The What If? Game

    Basically, when you post, you put like " What if Shiva bore Ifrit's son? ( Credit to Pho for that one xD ) Also, you can answer someone elses What if question Ill Start What of the worlds supply of Viagra dissapeared?
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    Tetris DS (Wi-Fi)

    Zomg, Bring it O.O i will p00n ^^ If you have it leave your Friend Code, So i can add you >.> my code is 981-641-065-490 When you enter it you dont need the -'s
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    Counter Strike Iceworld Montage

    This one is way better than my other one!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsjh7dWCHPo enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy AND LEAVE A COMMENT =)
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    my Counter Strike Montage ^-^

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiYpVd_zRH4 Heres my video I made from Counter strike, It is CS 1.6, the first one, It is my first video for my computer I used Fraps for this, its about 1:52 minutes ( I think ), also theres no music =( ENJOY!!!!!! Please Leave a comment!!!
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    Me pwning sephiroth, Standard, NO HEAL o.o

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1851501815992691915&q=kingdom+hearts+II&pl=true I made a few days ago, And yeah... Enjoy * Skipped the talking scene * <.< >.> Wewt! <.< >.>
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    Kh1 or Kh2 Sephiroth

    Hmm, Which do you think is harder
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    Yen Sid Old???

    Lol flame me for this but If you didnt know Yen sid backwards is Disney =\