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    The Infinite Complex Fanclub!

    They say that the third time is the charm so here's the charm! This is the fanclub for the great Infinite Complex! He must always have a fanclub because he is awesome for one and for another he poofs in and out of threads and can never be pinned down... Well I never can :tongue: So here's...
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    The Kingdom of Roxas001

    All hail The Ruler of Randomness, The Sovereign of Sillyness, The Emporer of Epicness Whose fanclub shall soon dominate the world!!!! Roxas 001 Long may his reign be! Those who wish for a nickname or title please VM/PM me and I will add it Members! Roxas001(King and Ruler) UsagiOkami...
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    the Spider Hateclub

    Where people can discuss arachnophobia in all degrees! Be it a mild case or severe, or you just have issues with the creepy little monsters hear is the place to rant about their evil!!! I couldn't find one of these so I'm making one if someone else wants to go searching more be my guest...
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    Just a thought

    Not sure if this has been brought up before but I was thinking that with the rep you can see the last 15 people who repped you, but you can't see who you've repped which makes it hard to determine how long before you are able to rep someone again since you have to wait 20 reps; I don't know if...
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    Within Temptation

    Okay so I just heard the band earlier today on Youtube and I think they rock. What are all of your opinions of the group? No bashing please.
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    UltraVen's Fanclub!

    UltraVen's Fanclub! All are welcome! Honorary Members! UltraVen (of course) kerobaroes (founder) DarkGuardian44 Ringleader Man Roxas001 Regular Members! roxasisamazing Hershey qster bbsforever121 ShadowofDespair
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    The Tokio Hotel Fanclub!

    For those that absolutely LOVE their music, or are just in love with Tom or Bill! Oh and no bashing please! Tokio Hotel | official homepage YouTube - tokiohotelchannel's Channel Tokio Hotel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The main page is under construction
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    is there a filter or something?

    i don't know if anyone else has had this problem but occasionaly when people try to post something the site won't let them, not because they posted to many to often and needed to wait, but because it would not let the post go through, but when the wording of the phrase or sentance is changed the...
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    Lit ► Edil Amarandh

    Now i'm not sure if this would go in Discussion or Literature but since it is mostly about the book series The Ruins of Pellinor by Alison Croggan I'll put it here, I don't own the books so I can't check references so don't bother bringing that up, but in the bcaks of the books there is info on...
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    Lego Batman Help

    Okay so my brother just got the game for his birthday and he is on Chapter 2: There She Goes Again, and although Ive read some walkthroughs we can't figure out how to drive the RC car onto the little ramps underneath the greenhouse, we've tried driving up fast, we've tried going slow, we've...
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    I feel like a newb

    Okay to those who know me you all are probably wondering where I've been for about three years, suffice it to say that Dial-up should be banned and replaced with an inexpensive yet high quality Cable/DSL. It's been awhile since I was on and the place has really changed (in a good way), the foyer...
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    okay i'm confused, i haven't been on like seriously been on in years and everytime i play any of my KH games i hit myself in the head for it. a while ago i saw on youtube a preview for a KH3 Keyblade Wars, now the photo of it looked photoshopped and i'm seeing a KH3 console wars thread and i'm...
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    I feel like a newb

    okay for those who know of me and my desire to read all of the pages in a thread, I admit a temporary defeat. Due to the change to dial-up internet I was unable to get online often (hence my title Dial-up Despiser), I now have high speed again and have no desire to read the 120 posts in official...
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    Underworld Coliseum

    Okay now, I have found that I am unable to beat those stinking "win with *insert score* or more" and actually SUCCEED!!! If anyone has any little tricks to either gather more orbs or protect the ones you already have I would greatly appreciate it.
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    FFX-2 Rikku Trainer

    ok I'm not sure if this would go here, if it doesn't please let me know but i couldn't think of anywhere else. I thought of the graphics section but that's for sigs and avys so anyways. i need a back picture of Rikku in her trainer dress sphere, not a front picture, i have plenty of those but a...