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  • Yeah i could do that...But we might wanna see if its cool with Chaos. so i would show then you would say what Renzor would say then i would post it for you?
    Thats true my friend...since you barely log on and in the HoC R.p. your Renzor or however it is spelled how to plan to post with such a crucial part?
    Bcuz my second Character Ry is an ASF member under Renzor i believe and if your not on i cannot report to Renzor which is what i was planning on doing soon...

    Also very true. But then again all of my friends arent able to hang and my g.f. is in New york until thrusday. T.T
    Ohz...Well at least your here now.

    Who needs originality when you can copy another idea and paraphrase it to your liking. And i've been pretty good, i've been hanging with friends and my girlfriend playing video games and just discovered that i left this place without presence for so long that i had to log in and reconnect with the people i have for so long been without.
    Ah my Queen is wonderful see thee again...Sorry i havent talked to thee lately. I disappeared from the forums, something in which i am deeply ashamed. How are you?
    Usagi are not going to be returning to Harmony of Chaos. You didn't reply back. >:. Are you mad at me.
    Yeh I got it, I'm just busy and limited online. I'll look at the site but the same shyt always happens. Merely because I'd have less posts, ppl who don't know me or feel some type of way will have a problem with any expertise I have to offer.[/font]
    Sorry i havent been on in a while but i kind of got chased off by those peple talking about my RP.
    Its not something i want to get into. So whats been up with you lately.
    IT's sort of fun, its nice to get away from here but hes not exactly on good footing with me and he doesnt know it.
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