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    New Trinity Limits

    One Trinity Limit for Sora, Riku, and Kairi. Another for the kings of cartoon comedy: Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. What do you think? Here's the link to a DeviantART pic this person made, by the way: [MMD] Together, We Are Stronger by RoxasXIIIAxelVIII on deviantART
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    HD 2.5 End Credits

    How do you imagine the end credits to HD 2.5 will be? If they won't include KH3D into this game, they can at least show cutscenes of it as the credits roll. From Sora and Riku at the Mysterious Tower listening to instructions at the start of the game to Yen Sid talking to his newest student at...
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    The World That Never Was

    What significance would The World That Never Was have in KH3?
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    Castle Oblivion back to Land of Departure

    Is there a chance to restore Castle Oblivion back to its' former glory? If not, I wouldn't want Eraqus' students to live in a castle with a sorrow name.
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    The Sora and Kairi fanpic

    I assume some of you are aware of the "Love at first sight" pic which was posted on DeviantART and What are your reactions on Sora and Kairi's armor and intentions in that pic?
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    Meaghan Martin - Namine

    So Meaghan Jette Martin has been voicing Namine since Re:Chain of Memories. And KH2 Final Mix will be released in a few months. Assuming the extra cutscenes will be dubbed, what are the chances that Meaghan will re-record Namine like Corey Burton did for DiZ recently in the 358/2 days HD cutscenes?
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    Unlocking the Chamber of Repose

    Let's assume the Chmaber of Repose will be unlocked. How will our heroes find it? Will Tron help them, or will the revived Organizers give them a backup disc to unlocking the chamber? Or how else?
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    How will the final battles be?

    I can only imagine the first battle of the last war to be at the Keyblade Graveyard and the last battle to be in the middle of nowhere just like Xemnas in KH2. And I also imagine Master Xehanort wearing the final form coat in that last battle and launching countless lasers for the heroes to...
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    358/2 Days keyblades

    As we all know, only a few keyblades which were used in 358/2 days were cards in Re:COM for HD 1.5 ReMIX. So, what if the rest or all of them became bonuses in KH2 Final Mix?
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    Voice Cast

    If anyone gets called in as part of the KH3 Voice Cast, please let me know as it happens. Thanks.
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    Re:Coded Heartless in KH2 Final Mix

    Re:Coded Heartless in KH2 Final Mix The Gold Tricholoma (the golden mushroom Heartless) and the Eliminator (the red powered-up Defender) are the only two Re:Coded exclusive Emblem Heartless. I wonder: should they be included in KH2 Final Mix as rare Heartless? If so, where? In my opinion...
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    More Re:Coded bonuses - specifically the commands

    A few days ago, I started a forum about the Zero Over One and KH3D Keyblades. In that conversation, someone pointed out the commands which are used in Re:Coded for DS. I didn't think about it at first, and I haven't played Re:Coded for DS (yet), but know I wonder just as that individual asked...
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    The World That Never Was: Mystic Moon and Critical Drive

    I would prefer Mystic Moon and Critical Drive as the field and battle theme for The World That Never Was in KH2 Final Mix for HD 2.5 ReMIX. How about you?
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    Three Wayfinders

    What if Kairi makes two new wayfinders: one each for Sora and Riku. Then the three can share an unbreakable connection like Ven Terra and Aqua.
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    Master Xehanort's current location

    Master Xehanort has been revived, and his team has return to it's respective time points. Where do you suppose he went?