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    CoM and ReCoM

    I love Re:Com more because the normal com was just kinda hard, the 2D battle kinda made it to hard, and i emulated com on my pc (before that i havent played it in YEARS) it was kinda non-attracting. it was kinda boring and compicated.:tongue:
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    You have theories on this?

    The kingdom key isn't weak its actualy a really good keyblade, it says it increases defense in a pinch, don't use every new keyblade you get i basically stick with this Begin: Keyblade, OathKeeper, Deceicive pumpkin, oblivion, Ultima weapon ^^'
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    Organization XIII Original Names?

    Axel - Ale Xemnas - Mansex or Ansem XD Roxas - Sora Xigbar - Garbi Zexion - Inoez Saix - Sai Xaldin - Dina :36: Demyx - Demy Lexeaus - No clue Larxene - no clue Marluxia - no clue Xion - nio Luxord - dolur Vexen - neve XD i know all these things are very unlikely but they sure sound funny
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    what am i suppose to do?

    Just Get Kh Re:CoM to simmer it down if you can't buy it online, then i don't know what else to do, i remember when i was a crazy psyco for kh i would dream of becoming sora i was so jealous, its something a loser would do but, i just went insane. XD
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    The meaning of 358/2 days

    I don't know if this has been posted yet or if it was too obvious, but in the trailer roxas said "its the 255th day since I've joined the organization" and obviously,(to my guess) it means roxas has been in the organization for 358 days and the 2 days must mean something else any ideas of what t...