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  • Yay, it's open :3
    I'm good thanks haha.
    Glad all that is sorted out now.
    How are you?
    It is ok take your time to read =3
    Yea i hope they get a chance to get together or at least say goodbye to each other properly =3
    Yeah i love that idea it is so cute =3
    Enjoy and hope you like it =3
    Yea! AkuRokuShi fangirls over the trio XD
    Glad it wasn't too late =3
    :) yea it doesnt seem very hard to do maybe a picture of xion giving chocolate to both roxas and axel would be nice. Thanks :) i have already upload to DA :) Ok enjoy reading it. It is good cause i can fangirl more over the trio with u :p and happy valentine day to u too though it is late too XD
    You are welcome =3.
    Yeah XD that sad maybe next year :p. Hmm.. but valentine would be hard to do for RAX XD
    Yea i would i upload it to DA just managed to finish it. Glad i could get it done on time ;)
    Thanks =3 glad you enjoy it. Have you manage to read Days Novel translated by Gold Planner i just managed to finish reading it yesterday. Makes my love for RAX raise again =3
    Yea i saw the poem you posted there too not bad it is a pretty nice poem though i am not good at judging poem myself XD
    OO a valentine contest it sounds neat and yea i agree there won't be much time i am rushing a Sokai Fanfiction for valentine hopefully i can get it done before valentine :\. That good though i don't think i did very well for this fanfiction this time XP
    That good to hear =3 that you have been well as well
    Yea it was the same forum. I already saw you posting in it ;)
    Since the winter contest for the RAX FC on DA has ended would you be coming up with new contest?
    i managed to submit my entry in time :p Hope i submit in the correct place =x
    Hi Umbra haven't talk to you how are you? I have been good =3
    Are you interested in joining a forum that ROA has created i could give you the link.
    Good thing huh, being sick is no fun ^^', but I have a habit of getting sick so :/.

    Yes, I went with my mom to her friend's house. It was a bit weird since I was with the other kids playing video games but I was awfully good at all of them and won all of the games.

    What about you?
    I got better, not as fast as I'd like but better nonetheless ^^

    *throws potions at you*

    Wait you're supposed to drink the potions not hurl them...

    Ah, no problem onee-chan ^^
    I'm good, I'm a bit sick and trying to get better; hopefully I won't get too sick ^^'.

    What about you?
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