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  • Good luck with that =)
    They're all emotional. It's one of the worst things about relationships
    That majorly sucks. I'm really sorry 'bout all that.
    I hate it when people spend more time focusing on other people rather than sharing themselves around, y'know?
    And I'm really sorry about your girlfriend breaking up with that, that is really terrible.
    Naw, that sucks that nothing happened.
    Something bad happen the last few weekends??
    I see it only for them because it's summer and they live on the beach... y'know :p
    Maybe dark forest green :3
    Never use it sorry.
    :O So colourful *u*
    Oh yeah. I just forgot what it meant and couldn't remember xP

    I see topless with red board shorts for summer haha. And a green or blue hoodie for winter.
    Just a quick question... whats an AU?
    Ooh, thats descriptive ^_^
    I mostly think of blue when I think of Sora. He just seems like a blue guy.
    There are not that many very good themes there D:<
    Oooooooooh, okay. What could would you think best suit.... Sora?
    Rainbow it :3
    Ily blue ♥
    then call them your favourite colours ;)
    So you colour them in with those colours then?
    Brown is a colour :) You have a colourful tumblr then

    Crystal blue and possibly hot pink(Only sometimes)
    Yay :3
    True dat -cuddles internet-
    Thank you -doesn't believe it though-
    The colour scheme is terrible :p
    Get them now.
    That sucks you don't have any tv basically.
    You're really good!
    Lol, I got the email and was like "Who is that?" then I remembered I gave you the link :p *follows back*
    I meant my blog sucks xD
    You... you haven't watched Glee? Like ever???????????????????????????
    GET THE DVD NOAW!!!!!!!!!
    Coolios. You a good drawer then? Or do you just look at the pictures.
    It sucks.
    True dat!
    Um, this one, facebook, I check tumblr for Glee spoilers... I guess thats it :p
    True dat!
    Um, this one, facebook, I check tumblr for Glee spoilers... I guess thats it :p
    Having no life on the internet can be one of the funnest parts of a day because you have a completely different life there to live :3
    Ooh, congrats on your projects 8)
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