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  • How can there be a middle school and junior high? Aren't they basically the same thing?
    I've never heard of a system like that. In Australia, all we have is Primary school and High School. When you finish year 6, you go to High School.
    I have a teacher like that. They generally suck.
    That... is an odd system. So, you're in the High School... but you're not in it? Is that right?
    I'm still insanely jealous that you have school to go to. How is, by the way? Your school?
    Haha, that is late. I meant like midnight-1 am xP.
    Drama is more than my fave class. It's just.... oh words can't describe it ~♥
    I hate staying up late in Summer. The suns like "I'm going to burn your half of the hemisphere more cause I can. While I'm at it, I'll keep you awake for longer." The jerk >.<
    Optional! True dat. I'd just take Drama all day(expect when I'm with friends ;) )
    I like Winter weather better but Summer does have it's moments. What about you?
    Tell me about it! If school was just going there and socializing(plus eating the food from the canteen/cafeteria/whatever) then it would be the best. No teachers, no lessons, just friends =)
    Thats right, you have summer coming up. Winter has taken a toll here, nice and cold =)
    Yeah, you get so excited for holidays and then BAM... you want school back
    7 am but I'm on holidays. They did it again today and no doubt tomorrow >.<
    Lucky you, I miss school
    Terrible. Was woken up by my father at like 20 to 8 this morning(I got to sleep around like 1.30) because my sister was having friends over relating to school which is completely irrelevant to me and actually would have suited everyone better for me to be asleep and since then I've just been wasting my day online =(
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