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Recent content by UltimaXOmega

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    What character(s) would you like to see playable?

    All of the characters that I want to play were only playable in Days. Unfortunately we never got a Days remaster. I will be eternally waiting to play as Marluxia,Saix,Luxord and especially Xion.
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    Should Kairi Get A New Keyblade?

    No but Xion should.
  3. U

    Spoilers ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Re Mind DLC Spoiler Discussion Thread

    No new Keyblades and Scala is a 1 time dungeon. How tf can Square screw up Scala AGAIN?
  4. U


    Oathkeeper and Oblivion's new forms have the same combos as base form. Laziness.
  5. U

    News ► Tai Yasue talks about Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind in Twitter Q&A

    Kairi is playable but not Xion or Lea. Lmao.
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    News ► [UPDATED] Square Enix removes reference to a new world in Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind

    Unfortunately it's likely referring to Oathkeeper and Oblivion. This is why I'm waiting to buy until/unless Scala is a confirmed full world and there's new Keyblades in the paid DLC.
  7. U

    What'll you do once the DLC and update drops?

    Use Oathkeeper and Oblivion. The DLC itself is likely a skip.
  8. U

    What worlds do you NOT want to see in a future game? w/explination

    Sequel Trilogy Star Wars,musical worlds and Disney channel.
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    who had the best keyblade design?

    Character exclusive? Vanitas. Overall? Diamond Dust,Crown Unlimit or KHIII Ultima.
  10. U

    News ► New Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC trailer, Release Dates Announced

    Hopefully Scala isn't a Keyblade Graveyard 2 and isn't separated from the game.
  11. U

    what keyblades would you like to see return to KH3 Remind

    None. I want new Non-Disney Keyblades. Oathkeeper and Oblivion being the 2 "Final Mix" Keyblades, is extremely disappointing. They also don't transform and just have generic forms.
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    Chances Of KHIII Winning Awards?

    I've yet to see a soundtrack or RPG that can beat KHIII.